1974 Honda CB 360 custom Cafe Racer!




Date : February 22, 2022
Condition : Used
Location : Liberty, Missouri, United States

1974 Honda CB 360 custom Cafe Racer!!!  Cold air and jetted carbs, open exhaust, EIS, LED lights, all in one clock, custom rear sets.

This bike sat I’m my dad’s shop for the past 30 years.  3 years ago I began working on this as a cafe racer project bike.  I have the original tack that shows it has less than 10k original miles.  My dad said that 99% of those miles were put on by the previous owner (a friend of his).  I’ve had the whole top end of the motor apart and rebuilt it. I put the absolute fattest street tires  that could fit on the factory wire spoke wheels. The carbs are 💯 rebuilt and rejetted for the cold air intake and open pipes. I added an  EIS which literally gave this bike LIFE!  All the lights have been converted to LED which has a second benefit to looking so sharp.  It takes major drag off of this motorcycles already weak charging system. I upgraded the battery as well to compensate for that same issue.  I custom built the rear sets. It also has 2 hidden blue LED lights under the gas tank and above each cylinder head.  They operate by a switch under the gas tank with the key in the on position.  With the exception of the bottom end of the motor.
I’ve had every single nut bolt and screw out, every part cleaned and or replaced and then put back together. I’m no electrician, I’m no bike builder, I’m no welder, I’m not a mechanic or a fabricator. I am a bit of an eccentric and a perfectionist. So I don’t take on projects outside of my ability.  This project really pushed my limits. It was a labor of love that I am proud to keep and proud to sell. If that makes sense.