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Yamaha Cafe Racers

1974 yamaha RD250A Vintage – Cafe racer

  • 1974 yamaha RD250A    Vintage – Cafe racer
  • 1974 yamaha RD250A    Vintage – Cafe racer
  • 1974 yamaha RD250A    Vintage – Cafe racer
  • 1974 yamaha RD250A    Vintage – Cafe racer
Price : USD600 (Auction)
Date : September 2, 2019
Condition : Used
Year : 1974
Model : RD250 A
Bike Type : Café Racer
Mileage : 20000
Engine Size : 250
VIN : 352-209708
Shipping to : United States
Location : Kingman, Arizona, United States

I know this bike from day 1. My friend bought it brand new in ’74 when we were both were  living in Lake Havasu az. He had it fixed up so nice with all the café stuff. He was a total perfectionist. This same friend and I bought a Yamaha dealership in 1981 and he sold this bike in’82. 30 years later I found it in a carport in hot and dry Dolan Springs,AZ.It’s been kept out of the sun and rain but it’s endured 30 years of wind and dust. I’ll give you the “good list” first. Bike appears to have never fallen over! The Vesco “Rabid Transit” fairing and “café royale” seat/ tail piece don’t have any scrapes or gouges and have the original white gel coat finish. The upholstery is perfect and still supple. Windshield is not cracked or clouded. The Yamaha “thermo flow” shocks have rust free shafts and are rebuildable and appear to be oil tight. No rust or pits on fork tubes. The tank has no dent or gouges and  has an automotive quality paint job and inside is totally rust free. The rims are aluminum and very true. (I think I remember my friend trueing them with a dial indicator after he laced them up.) and no screwdriver scars. Both rims are one size wider than stock. I pulled one head of and looked down the cyl. and it looked like a fresh bore .75 mm o.s.pistons. I pulled the pipes off and looked up the ports, no seize marks on pistons. There has not been any water in this engine. I think they parked it as a running bike and drained the carbs and tank.  OK the “other” list. They put a RD350 motor in it. eng #351-205246. Intake manifolds are rotten, they are oem  items from a ’76 YZ125 with 34mm carbs. They converted the ign. to electronic and it looks like mice chewed the wireing off the ign module. Might be repairable. When it was new, my friend converted it to car coils for a hotter spark when it had points. The common problem with the tiny screws coming loose on the gauge faces is fixable. Check youtube for a video. I had this bike listed on ebay last month and the auction winner was, well, a dead beat.The main thing this bike needs is a working ign system and new intake manifolds. AND a complete tear down and cleaning. I believe the bottom end and trans and clutch are OK but I don’t know for sure. It does shift thru all 6 gears nicely. Front brake m-cyl. probably needs a rebuild kit, fluid gone. Bike has not run in about 30 years !!If you have  a doner bike RD250 or 350  ’73-’75 this would be a easy fun and inexpensive project. This RD would be a major hit at the local pub on “bike night”. Comes with a clean Az. title.  1974 lic. plate not included.

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