1974 Yamaha XS650 Mechanics Special




Date : May 27, 2022
Year : 1974
Model : XS650
Location : Lexington, South Carolina, United States

Yamaha XS650 (1974).

Yamaha XS650 1974. Not running, either get running or use for parts. Seems to have good compression when kicking. Entire bike will have to be gone through unless using for parts. By “Mechanics Special” I mean it will probably take a very competent mechanic preferably someone with experience working on old bikes. I’ve got too many projects and I’m moving in a few months, so need to make space. I bought this bike about 5 years ago on eBay not running and never really did anything with it, it’s just been sitting in my garage. Previous owner told me a kid had owned it and it had been running not long ago.

Here’s what I know: And I want to be as honest as I can, but at the same time obviously I’d like to get as much for it as I can, (and what it’s worth, which I’ll get into a bit later) at the same time I want the winner to know what they’re getting and be happy with it. – Speedometer is broken, the title has no mileage on it, speedo shows 15K+ but don’t know if that is accurate. Title is clean in my name. There’s some small dents in the gas tank which you can see in pictures, and gas cap is stuck (looks like it might be missing the lock mechanism.) Bike was spray rattle can painted black at some point and there’s some paint splatter on the forks and some on the front fender, rear tire has slow flat and tire is poor condition, rear rim is not standard, seat cover doesn’t appear to be original and shows wear there’s also a spot of white paint on it. Missing entire seat lock. Side kick stand has ugly weld that should probably be cut and re-done. Mufflers appear to be original which is rare unfortunately there are some small dents in them. Ignition has a Honda key, so obviously not original. Missing passenger grab rail, if 74’s had them? No battery. No chain.

Now the good stuff: This bike is 48 years old. That makes it rare practically an antique in motorcycles. 1974’s rarely show up, especially down here in the South, it’s usually the 1980 and 1981 ones which don’t have the classic motorcycle look, rather they are cruisers and look dated and much harder to turn into cafe racers and trackers again because they don’t have that classic motorcycle look. Parts alone, the frame is worth $300+, the engine $250 to $400. Then rear wheel hub maybe a $100, handlebars, side panels, swing arm, rev counter and all kinds of other parts adding up to $100’s more. To the right mechanic this could be a great project for a cafe racer bobber tracker chopper etc., or restore. Cat not included 🙂