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1975 Honda CB750K Alloy Manx Style Cafe Racer Motorcycle (A,K,A,Tenacious Ton)

  • 1975 Honda CB750K Alloy Manx Style Cafe Racer Motorcycle (A,K,A,Tenacious Ton)
  • 1975 Honda CB750K Alloy Manx Style Cafe Racer Motorcycle (A,K,A,Tenacious Ton)
  • 1975 Honda CB750K Alloy Manx Style Cafe Racer Motorcycle (A,K,A,Tenacious Ton)
  • 1975 Honda CB750K Alloy Manx Style Cafe Racer Motorcycle (A,K,A,Tenacious Ton)


Price : USD14,500(Auction)
Date : June 16, 2019
Condition : Used
Year : 1975
Model : CB
Bike Type : Café Racer
Engine Size : 750
Shipping to : United States
Location : Stateline, Nevada, United States

This Honda CB750 Cafe  is in good operating condition and is as shown in the pictures and publications with the exception of a period Honda tachometer replacing the speedometer pictured. It comes with a 4 into 1 ceramic coated header from Carpy installed and the original Dunstall exhaust also pictured.The top end was rebuilt and returned to 750cc standard displacement.

Previous notes from builder Steve (Carpy) Carpenter 5 years ago:Honda CB750 Alloy Manx Style Cafe Racer Motorcycle

So what you are looking at is now a 1975 heavily Cafe’s CB750K, and I have all sorts of cool stuff on here, lets go by taking a look at the Hand Made 5 Gallon Manx Tank. This was hand made by an old craftsmen in Ireland that is now sadly no longer with us but boy- what a beauty she is and complete with a Monza gas cap.Here is my old CB750 Cafe Racer that I actually started to build quite a few years ago, but finished it to how I wanted it, in time for the bike to be shown at the big Sturgis Show in Dakota Last year at the Speed,Style and ton Up Culture event and it got many cool reviews.
This bike has been featured in articles all over the globe, including the Cover of Japan’s  Lightning magazine.
There is so much to say about this bike of mine that i have had for about 10 years in the making, I would bore you with it all, so i am trying to get it to some easier way to explain by looking at the photos.I built this bike from parts that were just around the shop and after almost 10 years to the day I rode it around and since then it has been to many shows and magazines all over the Globe.Just featured in Lightnings magazine where I made the cover and this bike is such a cool machine to look at. This has a great Double disc front end and is a Super rare Arces set up, from Italy in the 70’s and hard to find as this was off a Road Racing machine.Have a look at the pics and you will see that this has an Alloy seat with a cool Glass tear drop light, the bike has a New wire harness and an old Ford De-Soto headlight at the front with a toggle switch. The next thing you will see is that she has a Custom frame that is all smooth, yes, she has a few scratched and dings from tons of shows but I love that patina anyway and hard to buy that these days.
Now, have a look at the rear one off rear Alloy Swing arm and stabilizer bar, as I converted the K frame to a Disc rear and fitted a master cylinder on the outside of the frame, along with a drilled rear rotor too. The rims are original 1970’s Borranis.
I have Marzochhi clip on’s on those rare forks and have also an old drag racing Alloy Harley oil tank to keep with the look.I hand drilled and polished the sprocket cover, fitted New chain and polished cases as well as tons of stuff I have forgotten.

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