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Honda Cafe Racers

1976 Honda CB550F Super Sport Brat Cafe Racer

USD10,495 (Negotiable)

  • 1976 Honda CB550F Super Sport Brat Cafe Racer
  • 1976 Honda CB550F Super Sport Brat Cafe Racer
  • 1976 Honda CB550F Super Sport Brat Cafe Racer
  • 1976 Honda CB550F Super Sport Brat Cafe Racer
  • 1976 Honda CB550F Super Sport Brat Cafe Racer
  • 1976 Honda CB550F Super Sport Brat Cafe Racer
  • 1976 Honda CB550F Super Sport Brat Cafe Racer
  • 1976 Honda CB550F Super Sport Brat Cafe Racer
  • 1976 Honda CB550F Super Sport Brat Cafe Racer
  • 1976 Honda CB550F Super Sport Brat Cafe Racer
Price : USD10,495 (Negotiable)
Date : July 2, 2019
Condition : Seller refurbished
Year : 1976
Model : Honda CB550F Super Sport
Bike Type : Brat Style
Mileage : 22424
Engine Size : 550
VIN : CB550F2002694
Shipping to : United States, Local pickup
Location : 157 Henry Street, Fairfield, CT 06824

This is a true CUSTOM Brat Style/Cafe Racer. It is not just a bike with a different seat and front bars. As you can see from the description and pics, this is a new 43 year old machine that turns heads. It is 100% mechanically sound and ready for a new lifetime of enjoyment.  

I recommend you come and see it. If you have a valid license with a motorcycle endorsement, please take it for a spin.  

The bike started as a stock 1976 CB550F SuperSport. I did some minor work to get it registered in the state of CT. It did have a clean title from Great Barrington, MA. CT does not issue titles for vehicles this old. I turned in the title to register this bike but no new title was issued. This is a CT state law. So, even though it had a clean title, motorcycles of this age registered in the state of CT will not have one. The Bill of Sale is all it will have.

The rear subframe was cut off. A new seat hoop was installed and slightly bent upwards at the main frame to match the bottom line of the tank. Proper welds with slugs and plugs were done. The rear uprights now match the rake angle of the forks, and are bent in to match the angle of the main frame as it closes toward the tank. The frame and swingarm were powder coated ink black. Great care was taken in the design to make sure it is smooth and seamless.

The tank is original but has been modified. The rear was closed in because the new seat is much slimmer. The tank fill and “door” were sealed and a new Rollo pop up installed. The tank, although not badly rusted, was treated and Red-Kote lined. The paint is Dodge Stryker red, somewhat keeping with the original red/orange tone that the bike came with.

The engine has about 22k on it, runs strong with only a few drops of oil off the lower pan after a long ride and then stops. Haven’t gotten to replacing the seal. The engine has not been modified or taken apart. The main frame and engine are untouched. The exhaust pipes were original, cleaned up and painted flat black with high heat paint. The tip is a motogp type and is fairly loud, but a great sound.



The carburetors came with the K&N filters. The carburetors have been rebuilt with new seals, floats, idle jet, and a slightly larger pilot jet to accommodate the K&N filters. It idles and runs perfectly. The only other original engine part that remains is the stator. A Dyna S electronic ignition has been added. New plugs, wires, and coils match original equipment.

A custom electronics tray was built to house all components except the new Ricks Motorsports regulator/rectifier. This model is made for lithium-ion anti-gravity batteries and is housed where the center stand used to be. It is well hidden and well ventilated, not trapped in the tight, airless electronics box. A Motogadget m-unit Blue allows for many custom controls. A 4-cell Anti-Gravity battery and all wiring have been updated. All lights are LED. Motogadget m-switches control turns, hi/low beam, horn, and kill. This bike is kickstart only. The starter was removed. There is no key and is turned on by four 3 way marine grade toggle switches under the seat. The starting combination can be easily rewired and changed.

The front end is off a 2007 Suzuki GSXR 600 with all new controls, new All Balls Racing stem and wheel bearings, new master cylinder, rebuilt forks and calipers. The swingarm is from a 2001 Suzuki SV-650 with rebuilt calipers and new pads. The rear wheel and monoshock are off a 2014 Ninja. The front tire has about 500 test miles on it, the rear has less than 100. It was replaced because of a nail puncture.

The rearsets are from CognitoMoto and, along with the thin seat and different front end, provide a surprisingly comfortable riding posture. (I also used a Cognito Moto ⅜” offset front 17 tooth sprocket.)

Weight: The stock version dry weight is listed as 417 lbs. The bike currently has a dry weight of approximately 350 lbs. This weight was taken using a fairly accurate simultaneous two scale method and subtracting full oil and fuel, but is an estimate and is not exact to the pound.

State Inspections:

Since modifications have been done to the bike, in order for it to pass a new inspection in most states, a few temporary items would need to be addressed. There may be others, depending on the state you register it in. In CT, you would at least need to add:

– a chain guard (The mounting tabs are still on the swingarm so a stock 2001 Suzuki SV650 part should work fine.)

– side amber reflectors would need to be added to the forks.

– rear fender might also have to be installed.

Depending on how tight an inspector is, there could be temporary changes needed to turn signals or other components. The bike does have front handlebar end turns and signal/lights, rear turn signals/lights on seat hoop and license plate bolts, license plate lights, headlight high/low beam, and brake light.

This motorcycle is being sold “as is”, no warranty exists. Although many parts are brand new, it is a 43 year old motorcycle. If you have any questions or would like to see it in person, please contact me.

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