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1977 cb750 Motorcycle cb 750 Honda cafe racer cb750k vintage sohc custom build

  • 1977 cb750 Motorcycle cb 750 Honda cafe racer cb750k vintage sohc custom build
  • 1977 cb750 Motorcycle cb 750 Honda cafe racer cb750k vintage sohc custom build
  • 1977 cb750 Motorcycle cb 750 Honda cafe racer cb750k vintage sohc custom build
  • 1977 cb750 Motorcycle cb 750 Honda cafe racer cb750k vintage sohc custom build


Price : USD100(Auction)
Date : January 6, 2019
Condition : Used
Year : 1977
Model : CB
Mileage : 18000
VIN : cb750k2700177
Shipping to : United States tttttttt ttttttt</span>
Location : Los Angeles, California, United States

This motorcycle is listed for a 10 day period with no reserve. 

 BIke HistoryI received this bike as a semi stock cb750 and I preformed a total transformation and refurbish of everything except the motor. The bike had low mileage and ran well so I didn’t need to touch the engine. The previous owner tried to make it cool but failed and left it unfinished with the wiring harness a mess a custom seat that didnt make sense, cheap after market parts he paid too much for and a overall project he didn’t know how to solve. I heard the motor run, saw that the mileage was 18,000 and knew exactly how to solve this bike’s problem. Below is a list of services I completed to take this motorcycle from it’s previous state of a sad attempt of a custom build into something incredibly well built using quality parts, attention to detail and designed to stand out of the crowd of your average motorcycles. After finishing it, I drove it a few times and added it to my indoor collection. The bike has about 100 miles on it since the rebuild. It is currently non-op status with the CA DMV, matching numbers on the clean title, tuned fresh fluids and ready to be driven anywhere; it runs and handles wonderfully. This is one of five of my personal cb750’s and has been covered and stored indoors. This bike is exceptionalI. 

  1977 cb750k that has new :
Tires, tubes, stainless steel spokes, wheel bearings, steering bearings, bronze swing arm bushings, chain, front and rear sprockets, paint, petcock, air filters, wiring harness, electronic ignition, coils, bars, cables, fork seals, battery, seat cowl, seat, paint,  exhaust, seals, nuts and bolts, plugs, bulbs, filters, lights, fluids…
Rebuilt / refurbished:
Brake caliper, master cylinder, clutch, carbs, tank, frame, headlight bucket, oil cooler, oil reservoir…
Custom hand made parts:
Seat cowl, tail light lens, seat, triple tree top, rear sets, license plate holder, frame…
I took the bike completely apart and separated all parts into two piles called trash and usable.  I tossed out about 50 pounds of parts not needed.  I cut and welded the frame to fit my custom handmade seat cowl I casted, sanded and polished with hand blown, glass lens and custom rear sets.  I painted a 1972 gas tank with House of Kolors paint, to match the 1977 Supersport color scheme.  It has a new Pingal, Power-Flo high volume petcock.that feeds the re-jetted, rebuilt, 1972 carburetors. New K&N air filters.  The wiring harness was replaced and minimized using soldier and shrink wrap for connections where needed. I added a rectifier / regulator and Dyna electronic ignition, Dyna coils and 8mm plug wires as a smart upgrade.  The wheels were taken apart and I replaced the hub bearings for both with factory Honda parts and added a new JT rear sprocket.  I laced the wheels with Buchanan stainless steel spokes and added new Bridgestone, Spitfire tires 19″ front and 16″ rear.  I took apart the forks and put in new Honda fork seals and fresh oil.  Brake caliper has a new piston and new Honda brake pads.  I replaced the swing arm with new bronze, bushings.  I removed the engine covers and replaced them with chromed covers I had.  I took out the clutch, inspected it and re-used them as they were in great shape. The engine seals are new as well as the seal behind the new JT sprocket.  I replaced the motor and connected the drive train with a new DID, heavy duty, chain.  I used a 1969 Harley Sportster headlight bucket because they are too cool.  I used clip on,Tarozzi handle bars and fork brace.  All Balls steering bearings were put in the triple tree as an upgrade, and triple tree top was cut, welded and polished to clean up the lines on it.  The original oil reservoir was stripped of paint boiled out, and inserted into the frame as opposed to it’s stock position for a better look.  I added a Anti Gravity battery for it’s compactness and strength for the heart of the electrical system. I made a custom aluminum, license plate holder that opens and closes to tuck away the plate when parked. 
 I pieced this bike back together with the intention of everything except the motor being new and rebuilt.  I fine tuned it, polished it and tested everything here on the streets of LA.  This bike is much faster than stock not really looking into the motor, I found it acts like some upgrades were made to it as it pulls so hard! -Maybe an aftermarket cam? I am not sure but I thought I would add that.  This bike gets attention everywhere it goes which it a great validation to the effort I was trying to achieve.  It is put together as one of my personal bikes with the idea that less is more; minimal design to get maximum results.  i have always strived for this concept in design.  I put many hundreds of hours into it and feel it is one of my best. Please don’t hesitate to ask questions as I will respond to them with detail and best of luck bidding. 
Note: I will only accept bids from those who have more than 10 positive feedback bids; no new accounts. I will only accept money orders, cashier checks, cash or personal checks. A $500. non-refundable Paypal deposit is due within 24 hours after auction has ended. i will only accept payment through Paypal for the deposit only . This motorcycle will only be released from my possession with title after checks have cleared through my bank. Buyer is responsible for shipping. Thank you. I do reserve the right to end the auction early as I will attempt to sell it locally as well. 
About myself: 
I graduated with an MFA in design from Art Center College in Pasadena. I worked as a kid in body shops where I learned auto mechanics, auto glass, auto body work, fabrication and auto painting. I worked for artists, such as Baron Margo and  painters,   and fabricators who had contracts with various NASCAR and NHRA outfits to paint dragsters, race cars and funny cars. I spent countless hours sanding, painting and digging parts from vintage junk yards. I have always had muscle cars, classic cars, vintage and unique vehicles such as cars trucks and motorcycles. I personally have found an affinity for the Honda CB750, SOHC as my favorite motorcycle and owned every year and make of this bike from 1969 through 1978. About 12 years ago I started a cafe racer business called LA CA FE here in Los Angeles, where I built one off custom cafe racers from only cb750’s. I was averaging about 8 full custom motorcycle builds a year and many small custom jobs for clients. I have sold these bikes to collectors all over the US, Japan. Australia, England and Italy. I also customized bikes with my hand made polished aluminum oil reservoirs, seat cowls, tanks and rear sets and what ever a client needed… I like to think of my bikes as art that can be displayed and or driven. I have recently changed directions, career wise, concentrating on mainly painting and teaching art, so my motorcycle production has been limited to one bike a year and light custom work for friends. 
Bid with confidence as this bike is exceptional. There is no reserve so your bid may win this extraordinary motorcycle. 

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