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1977 Yamaha XS650 – Overhauled Scrambler Build

Price : USD4,000 (Fixed)
Date : September 8, 2020
Condition : Used
Year : 1977
Model : XS
Bike Type : Standard
Mileage : 21000
Engine Size : 650
VIN : 447720012
Shipping to : United States tttttttt ttttttt</span>
Location : Minneapolis, Minnesota, United States

Up for sale in my 1977 Yamaha XS650 that I overhauled into my version of a scrambler.


I’ve spent the past several months touching most areas on the bike. Please read thru the work below, see the photos, and ask me questions. Overall, the bike runs and looks great. It kicks over quickly, runs strong, and is a blast to ride. I’ve highlighted imperfections in the paint to help alleviate any impressions that this is some showroom-new motorcycle. Dings are present (see examples in photos). I’ve ridden this thing over 1,000 miles throughout various stages of the build. Expect a great looking and running bike that is still 43 years old and being ridden daily.


I bought the bike over the winter from the previous owner who said he was the third owner and the previous guy had the top end rebuilt in 2015 (what I was told), and it sure seems like that’s true. The guy I bought it from had no paperwork on it, but it runs great and has an appropriate newer-looking cylinder base gasket. That’s all I know about its previous ownership before me. That, and the odometer off the stock gauges read 19,892 when I bought it (last read 20,691 before I replaced the stock speedo this summer…new odometer reads 183 miles and climbing, so bike has ~21,000 miles).


The bike is available to see. I’m happy to drive it for you to watch it operate and let you look it over. If you want to test drive it, then you must show up with full cash amount of listing in hand along with proof of motorcycle endorsement. You damage the bike in any way, you own the bike and I keep the cash. If this doesn’t suit you, then I don’t know what else to say…go to a dealer if you want to test ride bikes empty-handed.


Here is a YouTube video of the bike – – (I’ll keep checking the listing to make sure eBay doesn’t delete the URL), which includes a walk around and seeing it being driven. If you’re out of state and want to FaceTime the bike, I can happily accommodate you. Also, please message me via eBay if you’d like to talk on the phone to discuss the bike.


Wheels Front Tire: Shinko E804 Crossfly Dual Sport (100/90-19) Rear Tire: Heidenau K60 Scout Dual Sport (4.00-18) Extra set of tires included with bike New wheel bearings (front/rear) New tubes and rims trips (front/rear)



Engine New Float Valve Needles and Seats (floats set to 25mm) New Carb intake boots/mounts New Ignition coils New Dynatek suppression spark plug wires and NGK resistor caps New Denso Iridium IW22 spark plugs New sump oil filter and plate gasket New oil filter screen and gasket New Tappet cover gaskets New Header/Tailpipe exhaust gaskets New crankcase cover gasket New gear train cover gasket New clutch cover gasket New fuel and float bowl overflow lines Intake/Exhaust valve clearances set Points gapped and timing set Carbs running K&N Pod Filters


Bars New Pro Taper Evo Adventure Bars w/ Pro Taper risers New steering stem bearings New grips New Clutch perch, handle, and cable New throttle tube and cable New start/kill switch throttle body housing New headlight/turn signal/horn bar housing New mirrors


Body/Appearance New Speedometer w/ LED lights New LED headlight New turn signals New LED tail light from Purpose Built Moto Fork boots/gaiters Custom fiberglass molded seat covered in a black carbon weave vinyl Custom paint job on fuel tank and side covers Various engine cover cases covered in high temp engine enamel black paint Wrapped exhaust w/ fiberglass-packed baffles installed – looks like straight pipes, but sounds like stock exhaust


Mechanicals New front brake master cylinder New brake pads (front) New front brake lines Front brake rotor resurfaced New brakes shoes and springs (rear) New 530 front sprocket (17t, stock size) New 530 rear sprocket (34t, stock size) New 530 gold o-ring chain New Swingarm brass bushings New Swingarm pivot shaft New swingarm grease seals New rear shocks New Speedo cable Tach cable delete and properly nut capped on engine case (simply remove nut cap to reinstall a tachometer and cable, if desired)



Misc Stock ignition switch and tank using same key – which is very convenient. Also includes standard tool kit inside left side cover. Bike comes with an extra set of the tires that are on the bike – place I ordered them from online sent me two sets for some reason and when I called to tell them they said to keep them…so bike basically comes with two new sets of tires as the ones on the bike have ~1,000 miles on them. Electric start works but is finicky  (as most XS650 starters are – if unfamiliar, search the forums to know I’m not just BS-ing here) and is not consistent…I never use it as the kickstart on these machines is so reliable and quick (unlike my first bike, a ’74 Honda CB350, that hated being kicked and the electric start worked like a breeze). It’s basically just a battery drain, so I don’t utilize it ever. Neutral light indicator in speedo does not illuminate when in neutral – this is not the speedo’s fault (light was tested to work), but rather something with the neutral switch relay as it didn’t work with stock gauges either when I got it. I replaced the switch with a new OEM one, and it still didn’t work. I then ran a direct line to speedo (bypassed main harness line) and still nothing. Not sure why it won’t work, but finding neutral is easy on the bike so it hasn’t been a “missed” feature. Also, turn signal indicator on speedo only lights up with right turn signal, does not illuminate with left turn signal on. This is because the stock gauges had separate indicator lights, while the new speedo is a single joint light. If you connect both turn signal lines to the single speedo indicator light, the turn signals themselves will enter a power loop to each other and all signals flash when you flip the signal switch left or right. There is no way simple way around this (that I could find), so I simply chose the right signal to be connected to the indicator light, and the left side was left alone. Signals, of course, work perfect and there design makes the bulb flash visible while riding. I have red Yamaha vinyl decals (lettering and tuning fork logos, two sets) that will come with sale. I originally planned to use them on the tank and/or side covers, but never did as I liked the look without them. Also will include a Haynes manual and whatever misc items I still have around, if you’d like them. I registered the bike this spring and have a clean title in my name. It is also plated as a “Collector” (never pay for tabs again), so if the buyer is in MN it will come with the Collector plate as well. Out of state buyer will not get plate in sale. VIN’s on the engine and frame match – so no engine swap worries here.


Obvious Legal/Sale Stuff Obviously, being an old bike it comes with no warranty and is sold as-is and where-is. Buyer is responsible for all shipping costs and setting up all logistics if unable to pick up. I shipped a bike last fall to an eBay buyer in NC, so I’m familiar with the process and am happy to assist how I can, including being flexible with the shipper on pickup. Please note: make sure you communicate a set of tires are included with the bike when shipping to avoid complications at pickup. Winning buyer must make a $250 non-refundable deposit within 24 hours via PayPal Remaining balance must be made by via electronic payment (Zelle, PayPal or Venmo as “friends/family”), cashier’s check (if local only), or cash (if local only) within 48 hours of sale…If you want to do some creative PayPal/Venmo “friends/family” transfer thing, I’m fine with that. My bank uses Zelle, so that’s another easy option. Buyer is responsible for any fees from choosing their form of payment.  Not sure if they have caps on a single transfer (I’ve done PayPal for $3k with a buddy before, unsure how much higher they allow), but we can figure it out. Bike will not be released or available until full payment has been received and cleared into my bank account (I mean, not cash, but the others) – this is to ensure someone doesn’t “buy it” only to be a tire kicker. Let’s not waste time. Cashier’s check buyers: if not local or not using a bank I can walk into in Minneapolis, the bike will not be released until my bank (online, no physical branches) clears the check, which is likely a few days. This is to avoid fraud. Blame the inconvenience on bad people and not me…but if you can get a cashier’s check, you can also get cash (if local) or do an electronic transfer just as easy. If not local, once payment clears I can ship you the title via tracked USPS mail so you can get started on registering the bike before it arrives from your shipper (what I did last fall on my sale, and it works great as once the bike arrives you’re ready to ride legal day one).

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