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Honda Cafe Racers

1983 Honda CB1100F One-of-A Kind Café Racer Special – NO RESERVE

  • 1983 Honda CB1100F One-of-A Kind Café Racer Special – NO RESERVE
  • 1983 Honda CB1100F One-of-A Kind Café Racer Special – NO RESERVE
  • 1983 Honda CB1100F One-of-A Kind Café Racer Special – NO RESERVE
  • 1983 Honda CB1100F One-of-A Kind Café Racer Special – NO RESERVE
Price : USD7,100 (Auction)
Date : April 15, 2019
Condition : Used
Year : 1983
Model : CB
Bike Type : Café Racer
Mileage : 15448
Engine Size : 1123
VIN : JH2SC1107DM002922
Shipping to : United States tttttttt ttttttt</span>
Location : Pinehurst, North Carolina, United States

1983 Honda CB1100F One-of-a-Kind Cafe Racer Special – NO RESERVE!

Unique exotic for the collector who wants a special bike that goes as good as it looks. I sourced the best available components and insisted on first rate fabrication and workmanship. Draws a crowd wherever it appears. First Place Winner at the prestigious Detroit Autorama Show! 

I’m Randakk – Founder of Randakk’s Cycle Shakk …now retired. This was my last company show bike and personal toy. I sketched out a design concept and had the bike masterfully fabricated for me by J.R. Luksik of CBX-tras with assistance from Ken Sperry, Rosey Lackey, Jr., Al Bergler, Jim Sawtell, Dennis Parrish  and many others. 
The original 1983 Honda CB1100F was a one-year model that represents the pinnacle of air-cooled DOHC Hondas. At the time, it was the fastest Honda ever offered. Performance was pace setting. Period Cycle World testing of the stock bike:  11.13 seconds/120.48 mph quarter mile and 141 mph half mile earning it the designation of “fastest stock bike ever tested” by CW. I was able to find a low mileage stock bike with excellent mechanicals as the starting point.
Al Bergler handled the custom aluminum body work. Al is in the Hot Rod Hall of Fame for a lifetime of amazing creations. It was an honor to have him collaborate on my bike!
This bike represents my vision for a proper cafe racer. Great looks combined with race-bike performance capabilities. Inspired by my long involvement in AHRMA vintage road racing – this bike has it all: handling, performance and comfort. In the hands of a skilled rider, this bike is a track day and twisty road demon. 
Race-spec CR Roundslide carbs are about the best carbs ever made. They are perfect for engines like this. I’m known as a “carburetor savant” in some circles. The carbs are perfectly jetted to the big-bore kit (1123cc vs. 1062cc stock). Jetted for summer use at 500 feet above sea level. I chose 31mm venturis for excellent performance and streetability.
I aimed for a balanced performance combination that would deliver an engaging riding experience for a skilled rider. Hence the “Superbike” bars rather than clip-ons.  I did try some Laverda-style adjustable “clip-ons” during the early mock-up phase, but they did not have enough leverage to suit me. As configured, the bike is even comfortable for 65 year olds (like me) to ride. 🙂
I attempted to avoid going overboard on this bike, but I failed miserably! :). The main focus is on function. However, I happen think it looks great …very purposeful.
You see a lot of amateur “rattle-can” cafe bikes. I’m sympathetic with these low budget efforts since my business supports those enthusiasts with resources for their creations. However, this bike is at the other end of the spectrum – every aspect of this bike was professionally planned and executed to the highest standard. Except for the engine and front fender, virtually all of the bike is powder-coated or polished aluminum.
I’ve put about a thousand backroad miles on it since it was finished. I’ve even circulated the track at Barber Motorsport Park aboard this bike. The bike performs flawlessly. Brutal power with exceptional handling and brakes.
There were 2 start-up dyno runs in early 2015. (Video links below.) I also tested this bike on Rob Hall’s Custom Vintage dyno at the Kershaw AHRMA race last year (to verify some minor jetting tweaks). On the same day, on the same dyno, within the same hour – my bike came within 4 hp (max) of Will Brint’s full-race CBX that has won many AHRMA events including Road America. Respecting Will’s competitive secrets, I won’t reveal the number. 🙂
Also included is a custom track stand. I have K&N pod filters on the bike but I will include polished velocity stacks I have used for bike shows.
Within the last 3 weeks I have: Changed oil Changed brake fluid Done a test ride (with a brief sprint to 111mph in 4th) with no issues. Fully documented build cost was $27K+. Current plate and registration. Insured with Hagerty.  Reason for selling: shopping for an airplane.
Documented $27K+ Build .
Build Details
Photo Album :  (200+ pix)
Cold Start Video: https://youtu.be/0T_4o33hEjI (3/19/2019)
Walk Around Video: https://youtu.be/YupYbxuoB_0 (3/19/2019)
2015 Dyno Run #1 Video: https://youtu.be/C0nTIhGM80E
2015 Dyno Run #2 Video: https://youtu.be/rWLVeNhLR4Q

1. Once every 6 months or so, the KOSO speedo will “lose it’s mind” and display wildly fluctuating road speeds. The fix is a 30 second power down and “re-boot” at the head unit connector.

2. When finished in 2015, I experienced  a couple of nuisance “weeps” from the aluminum fuel tank. I repaired these with special epoxy and the repair has worked perfectly for 4+ years. The repair is not noticeable unless you look underneath the tank.
3. The exhaust is a NOS Supertrapp header (ceramic coated) mated to a new Superbike replica race can by Jes-Built. It’s Jim Sawtell’s “quiet” version for street use. I love it. Your neighbors might not.
4. I keep the AGM battery on a maintainer when I’m not riding. I’ve never had an issue with the battery, but it’s 4+ years old and probably near the end of it’s useful life. 

Details: Vehicle has clear North Carolina title with no liens. Buyer will receive a private party Bill-of-Sale and transferred title. Shipping not included.  Buyer may pick up at my location in Pinehurst, NC or arrange arrange at your expense  Honest representation above, but there is No Warranty on this vehicle.  

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