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Motorcycle Details

Triumph Cafe Racers


Price : USD99 (Auction)
Date : November 28, 2018
Condition : Used
Year : 1973
Model : TR5T
Bike Type : Café Racer
Mileage : 10
Engine Size : 500
VIN : BA13017286024
Shipping to : United States
Location : Tucson, Arizona, United States

1973 TR5T Triumph Immaculately restored very rare Triumph TR5T 500cc twin cylinder street Cafe Motorcycle with GS 550 front suspension and disc brakes. The wheels alone cost almost 1000 dollars each to restore. This is the only TR5T cafe Bike I have ever seen. I need to sell the Triumph, It has a few small scratchs here and there because I love to ride it. This is a beautiful machine. It starts first kick every time. It sounds loud and beautiful as well. Im not asking a lot. The bike is valued over 10k. This one is easily that. Originally built for six day competition this bike is very fast. It is geared for 100 mph (ton up). Its hard to stay off of it. Can be seen on you tube at: https://youtu.be/NXhG3746PL8 Here is a list of some of the reciepts: All New GS 550 disc brakes 600 -Sparks cycle ` Galfor steel braided line 58.95 -ebay Grips 7.61 -ebay Mirrors 12.99 -ebay Side pull Mikuni throttle 42.88- ebay Mikuni carb 125.00 -ebay Clutch Cable 16.95 -ebay Clubmans handlebars 49.7 -ebay Halon rear shocks 125.00 -steadfast front rim 129.9 Stainless steel spokes front 63.98 TBC Moto Polished aluminum hand built seat pan 229.84- ebay Custom french stitched upholstery 350.00 -Daves Upholstery Petcocks 29.3 -ebay Jaguar Iced blue paint by limco -A-1 Frame aluminum limco -A-1 DID Chain 61.67 -ebay Slotted prison polished headlight 86.98 -ebay All gaskets 31.79` All polished wheels,seat covers, hubs, seat pan, levers etc… The following items have conservative labor estimates and parts receipts 1973 TR5T frame, motor and wheels -Hemmetts remove engine restore engine polish engine cases 4 replace triumph engine badge 9.53 3 -ebay replace all engine bolts replace all gaskets 40.35 replace intake manifold 22.96 . rebuild transmission 400.00 -Hemmets re polish engine mounts replace clutch assembly (pending) 171.00 -steadfast re assign coil replace exhaust bolts . re chrome exhaust pipes 300 -ideal rebuild exhaust Bologna cut tip remove front suspension weld on new bearing races purchase gs 550 front suspension/wheel/brake assembly above -Sparks rebuild front wheel polish front hub lace ss spokes 240 -Quality polish rim new front tire and tube 120 -Sparks rebuild front brake assembly/paint replace front brake line above -ebay replace front brake lever and reservoir 54.53 . -ebay purchase new triple tree mounts handle bars 15.19 -ebay replace clutch lever 7.61 -ebay replace mirror . replace headlight replace headlight ears 44.89 -ebay polish all front end sliders/ears levers headlight assembly replace fork slider tops 24.57 -ebay rebuild and repaint frame with limco aluminum paint base coat sand frame remove excess clamps and stays rebuild foot pegs weld on new bolt tabs for aluminum panels build aluminum panels 300 -Bonzer add new seat pan and tabs for seat placement Move all wiring components under rear of new seat rewire as needed for this re assignment polish seat pan build seat bottom with fiberglass and plywood new custom french stitched upholstery for seat add brake light assembly under seat 8.46 -ebay rebuild rear swing arm assembly and lubricate as needed weld on new shock upper mounts for re assigned shock placement rebuild rear brake assembly custom build rear brake arm rebuild rear wheel 850.00 -steadfast polish hub -steadfast new wheel bearings -steadfast new rim new stainless steel spokes -steadfast replace wheel (do not true yet) – steadfast new brake shoes new rear tire -steadfast new rear sprocket – steadfast new sprocket bolts – steadfast re true wheel on motorcycle to match front sprocket 380.90 -quality new chain 61.67 -ebay purchase tank 205.00 -ebay fit new tank to motorcycle (different year/model for vintage look) rebuild tank, sand and paint Limco Jaguar paint base coat clear coat new rubber “Triumph” cap 12.04 -ebay new petcocks

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