Type : Sell
Condition : Seller refurbished
Location : 15825 Westbrook Road

This 82 Honda has a new rear frame custom designed and added to get the straight-line look of a cafe bike. For added miles, its been fitted with a tank from a 78 CB, and the electrical system has been replaced with a blue tooth mUnit that eliminates fuses and allows you to manage the bike and maintenance¬†from your phone. The 7000 mile engine was taken apart and all rubber and plastic replaced, including internal chain guides. All seals and gaskets as well. Nothing hasn’t been touched on this bike down to the swing arm sleeves outer caps and dust covers.

If you want to see the work that went into it, there’s some good coverage of the build here:

If your state requires a title to put a 1982 bike on the road, this one was built from parts and doesn’t have a title. It is currently legally registered in Georgia.

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