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BMW Cafe Racers

BMW R100RS Custom Bobber Cafe Racer Motorcycle

  • BMW R100RS Custom Bobber Cafe Racer Motorcycle
  • BMW R100RS Custom Bobber Cafe Racer Motorcycle
  • BMW R100RS Custom Bobber Cafe Racer Motorcycle
  • BMW R100RS Custom Bobber Cafe Racer Motorcycle
Price : USD22,499 (Fixed)
Date : November 20, 2020
Condition : Used
Year : 1980
Model : R-Series
Bike Type : Café Racer
Mileage : 250
Engine Size : 989
VIN : 6196621
Shipping to : United States tttttttt ttttttt</span>
Location :Erie, Pennsylvania, United States

This Beautiful 1980 BMW R100RS was rebuilt from the ground up. This bike takes it back to a wonderful era of riding. These BMW bobber/cafe bikes keep the spirit of free riding alive. Every bike I build is different and unique from the last ensuing that no two like bikes will be on road no matter what. Below is all of the information for this build. thanks for looking!

BIKE:  1980 Bmw R100RS. 5 speed transmission, electric start, 19″ front tube tire, 18″ rear tube tire, 1000cc boxer engine.
TANK:  The tank was repained in a BMW MINERAL GREY METALLIC B39 with a matte clear coat for a very unique look. The inside of the tank was stripped and resealed with a tank liner coating. The fuel cap was replaced with a slimmer cap for a better look and feel for the build style. The fuel taps on the tank are new along with the fuel lines and filter.
CARBS:  The Bing 40 Carbs were soda blasted and rebuild along with a fresh coat of epoxy gasoline proof coating to keep the aluminum from oxidizing like the bare aluminum does on the stock look.
ENGINE:  The engine was completely stripped down and new piston rings, head gaskets, valve gaskets, pushrods and boots were installed. While the engine was apart the case was soda blasted, and deep cleaned. New points and condenser, gaskets, diode board, and voltage reg were replaced to have this bike startup and run as it did when it was new. The clutch and flywheel were inspected, deep cleaned and rebalanced. all engine consumables were replaced. The engine was repainted in a matte epoxy black to resist heat and solvents.
GEARBOX:  The transmission was taken apart deep cleaned, inspected and reassembled. There are no consumable parts in the trasmission and all parts passed inspection. Painted in the same epoxy paint to match the engine.
WHEELS:  The wheels were taken apart, cleaned, regreased, and powder coated in Gloss Black. We installed a tubeless valve kit to eliminate the need for outdated tube technology. New Shinko tires were installed and nitrogen filled.
FORKS:  The forks were dissembled and had its bump stops, fork oil, and internals replaced and cleaned. new gaskets and crush rings were installed. The forks were powder coated in gloss black.
BRAKES:  The front calipers were rebuilt with new seals and pots. The brake pads were replaced with New Brembo pads. The brake lines were replaced with 1into2 style brake system by CoreMoto. The brake master cylinder is brand new. The rear drum brakes are new and the foot lever push rod is new. Very responsive and firm brake feel.
HEADLIGHT:  The headlight has a built in speedometer that imitates the 60’s style of older Bmw’s and other European bikes. The speedometer runs off of GPS. The speedometer has about 250 test miles clocked on it to make sure the new rings seated properly. This is to ensure a proper break in period.
LIGHTS:  Mini indicator lights were installed into the topclamp from cognitomoto to express “TURN R/L, HIGHBEAM, N, OIL PRESSURE.” This is a handmade part for a very unique look. Under the seat is a Brake, tail, and turn signal LED bar. Hardly noticeable when the bike is off as to not distract your eyes from the natural lines of this motorcycle. Installed into the headlight mounts are “break-pfroof” LED front turn signals with white daytime running light.
EXTRA: This machine includes an electronic horn which meets all DOT regulations including CALIFORNIA.

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