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BMW Cafe Racers

BMW r80 cafe racer

  • BMW r80 cafe racer
  • BMW r80 cafe racer
  • BMW r80 cafe racer
  • BMW r80 cafe racer
Price : USD100 (Auction)
Date : September 21, 2019
Condition : Used
Year : 1983
Model : R-Series
Bike Type : Café Racer
Mileage : 77870
VIN : Wb1044806d6172839
Shipping to : Local pick-up only
Location : Henrico, Virginia, United States

So here’s a run down. I think a brief history of this bike is needed for the description of the bike and why I’m selling it.

I got this bike 3 years ago. I bought it from a gentlemen in NC, who has built a bunch of BMW cafe racers. Saw the bike, loved it, bought it for $8400.
I road this bike around for a year, had a bit of trouble with the standard Bing carburetors so I swapped them out with brand new Mikuni carbs after doing some homework on them. They were a really nice addition and improved the ride, sound and most importantly the reliability. Also I had the shop clean up a small oil leak, all this work totaling around $2500.
Probably my biggest mistake and hence one of the reasons I’m selling the bike. I got caught up doing other stuff with life and let the bike sit. I sunk all this money into it but for most of 2019 it has been in my garage. But with a sitting bike, even though they are new carbs, any carbs sitting after a while will have trouble. I rode the bike earlier in the week. Started up, rough idle. Took some help from the choke but it rode. It will hold an idle for the most part but I really think it just needs some seafoam ran through it and it will be fine. 
Then came my next issue. The gas cap insert has become cross threaded. I can’t get it off. I don’t want to damage the tank so I asked my mechanic who worked on the bike earlier and he said he couldn’t get to it for a couple weeks but he also said it would be a quick job so labor cost wouldn’t be to bad. So here I am. I’ve almost all the the legwork getting this bike really nice, it just has these two issues. I am selling the bike as is, no reserve. Gonna cut my losses, my loss is your gain.

Below is some of the cool stuff about the bike:
As pictures show, LED lights under seat and on forks with turn signals built into the LED lights.
Wrapped pipes and powder coated wheels
Pop seat for battery charging.
Oxblood grips, perfect black paint, new instrument gauge
Motor runs strong, shifts smoothly and sounds great.
Cons are you need to figure out how to get a new gas tank insert (see pic) after talking to my mechanic, with labor cost, I’d estimate $100-150.
Once you get into the gas tank, siphon it and pour in Seafoam and let that get into the carbs. It runs, it  starts but it will do wonders for the idle and since the carbs are new, they can’t be that dirty.
Comes with bike stand and battery tender. 
Again, selling as is, no reserve, have at it. Please message me with any questions. Thanks, Karl. 

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