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Ed Turner Moto

Ed Turner Moto

  • March 14, 2017
  • Category: Suzuki
  • Views: 774
  • Ed Turner Moto
  • Ed Turner Moto
  • Ed Turner Moto
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Price : $100,000
Date : March 14, 2017
Year : 1980
Model : GSX
Bike Type : Cafe Racer
Build Type : Pro-Built
Mileage : 0
Engine Size : 1100
Location : Paris, France

rock / chic atmosphere , very chic even.

I used to work for people, who obviously used a certain level of finish and comfort, not to denote with these standards, input, the choice of high-end equipment in terms of damping Shaft of Stroke) as well as the braking reference (beringer) were imposed.

The wheels, originally buell, are identical on the two motorbikes.
 The 400 is in fact provided with a pair of front wheel, making it possible to envisage the installation of a perimetric brake at the rear. esthetically very interesting, especially with homemade discs. The operation will require in passing a serious modification of the hub, the creation of a crown with its tailor-made bracket, not forgetting a bit of cerebral gymnastics to bring all this to the shoes in the swinging arm.
To ensure that they remain well connected from one end of the project to the other, construction is done simultaneously.

Along the chassis;
for him ,
i choose a racer with muscular features, tubes of big section, model beams apparent.

for her ,
Something lighter and minimal, almost transparent, with some common curves, but, to spice up a little exercise, in a tracker spirit this time!

 once my two filiform “models” perched on their wheels elegantly shod in golden tires, (size 120 and 160), with joe, my right arm, we will attach to the design and the making of the different parts. All what can be , is made of aluminum. Tanks, skins, fork heads,
 Each piece requires meticulous reflection in order to receive perfectly the different coatings that will adorn them afterwards.

Coatings? Leather of course!
While at mister I take the part of the full black playing on the different types of stuff. Mismatched handles, patched effect and alcantara patch on brushed aluminum base of stitched tanks.
 The concept: junk for rich.

Mechanics are often the only element of “origin” that has found favor in my eyes and which deserves its place in the project.
Of course, the engines are fully open, reconditioned and adjusted in the workshop, with my partner gael (pockabike).
The blocks are microbilled and then treated in paint with grained effect. Each casing is the object of particular attention, polished, brushed, engraved or adorned with a shiny things.
Provided by my friends d el solitario and red leather, a few pieces of embroidered leather also find their place on the four cylinder. Carter mismatched or in neckline corset style, small exuberances that pass very well when done for a night motorcycle.
To finish, such a few jewels proudly sported; The remote controls set with shine or laced of leather, the engravings (by stick your cycles) or fork fashioned by their names, will bring the last touch of splendor to these two creations.

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Ed Turner Moto

  • March 14, 2017
  • Category: Suzuki
  • Views: 774