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BMW Cafe Racers

Full Custom 1983 BMW R80 Scrambler / Cafe Racer / Bobber

Price : USD9,995 (Fixed)
Date : June 17, 2021
Condition : Used
Year : 1983
Model : R-Series
VIN : WB1044800D6173016
Shipping to : Worldwide tttttttt ttttttt</span>
Location : Boulder, Colorado, United States

The Story:

In September 2020, After watching YouTube videos on BMW Airheads (R80/R100 etc) being transformed into scramblers/cafe racers etc. I decided to build one too. I decided early on in the project, not to build to a budget, but simply to put on anything and everything that would make the motorcycle amazing as well as modernize it as much as possible, while still keeping the scrambler look alive.

Spring 2021 and the project is complete. The motorcycle came out exactly how I’d hoped! It is an incredible bike to ride, especially due to the substantial diet it took during the rebuild along with many lightweight upgrades. I’ve obviously not weighed it before and after, but if anything less than 100 lbs came off, I’d be VERY surprised.

Although I am torn as to selling it or not, ultimately I want to move onto something different, so selling this will fund the next one. So this one has got to go.

I’ve photo-documented the build, and made a YouTube video: The video’s description contains a near-full parts list/links so you’ll see that I went in very heavy for the MotoGadget products, which are really great!

The Bike:

The donor bike was a really immaculate 1983 R80RT. The second-hand dealership I bought it from had told me that the motor had a recent top-end rebuild, however had no documentation to prove it. From the ride home and the ~150miles I’ve put on the bike since completion, I have to say that the motor runs incredibly well. The odometer was not working but had only 38k miles on it. Although that seemed low to me, while disassembling the bike, it was clear to me that even if it was not that unused, it was incredibly well looked after. It was clear to me that no motor work was needed, so apart from new oil and valve adjustment, nothing else was done to the motor. As for the rest of the systems though…

Core Systems:

– Modern CDI ignition, replaced the old hall-sensor system / coils / rotor / stator / reg/rec

– MotoGadget M-Unit Blue became the new electrics system, with every single wire/harness replaced

– Full MotoGadget integration, with the MotoScope Pro digital speedometer and the break-out box B, which gives the speedometeazr data for Oil temperature, Neutral Indicator, Ambient Air temperature – All elements of modernization.

– Starter motor upgraded to the super-light EuromotoElectrics starter motor (This alone is 6.5lbs lighter), uses less battery power and has higher output than the original

– An 8-cell Antigravity Lithium battery, delivers more than enough cranking amps and only weighs 1.7lbs (the original “car” battery must be close to 30lbs!). The vape ignition system also includes the correct reg/rec to ensure suitable charging of the battery. As the battery has no management system, I keep it trickle charging when the bike is not in use (I wired in the charger-supplied connector, so its a quick plug in solution). It would go a few days though without it.

– Lighting is all LED lighting now and is controlled by the Motogadget M-Unit.

– In-handle bar wiring, using MotoGadget’d M-button and Revival Cycles’s switches keeps and immaculate and stealthy looking cockpit!

– MotoGadget M-lock – RFID Key-less ignition

The “Look”

– I took the bike down to the frame and removed the swing-arm, , so that they could be freshly powder-coated gloss black

– Also powder-coated in the same run, were many other components too i.e.pedal controls, brand new CognitoMoto triple clamp and risers.

– The wheels have been powder coated in “Burnt Root-beer” color and have a clear powder coated extra layer too. The carb covers have the same coating.

– The tank and fender was professionally re-sprayed to a metallic gun-metal/titanium color

– I took on the motor prep/priming/painting myself, using Duplicolor Engine Enamel with Ceramic® and the results are fantastic.

– Shorty exhaust, wrapped in Design Engineering, Black Titanium™ Exhaust Wrap

– Continental TKC 80 tires, for the Scrambler look.

– Although the Carbs were really good, I went ahead and had them vapor-blasted to look BRAND NEW. The carbs were then also fully rebuilt with complete new internals, so they really are just as they were when it rolled out of the factory in 1983!

– Every nut/bolt/screw was either re-polished up or replaced

– MotoGadget under-handlebar “Spy” mirrors – these mirrors are glass-free and are made from super-polished aluminum with a high-reflection and anti-scratch coating applied – uber cool!


– I needed a new battery-box for the lightweight lithium battery. Having 3D printing experience, I printed the battery box from PETG and then skinned the battery box using the “forged carbon-fiber” technique

– The rear LED light strip also needed a mount, so again used 3D printing to solve the problem, again finishing the part of with “forged carbon fiber”

– Extending the aesthetics of carbon fiber to the front, I used 3K weave carbon fiber to skin a headlight bucket.

– I also replaced the unsightly reflectors with 3D-printed and carbon fiber skinned BMW logos.

– All carbon-fiber is REAL carbon fiber, not imitation carbon-fiber wrap.


– The front brake calipers were completely rebuilt, with a repaint while dismantled using Dupli-Color® Caliper Paint

– Front rotors replaced, with new after-market EBC rotors

– All fluids replaced, using recommend LiquiMoly products

– All frame (steering and swing-arm) bearings  and wheel bearings replaced

– All gaskets that I exposed were replaced.

Other Upgrades

– Magura HC-1 Master Cylinder/Brake Lever – This is an incredible brake and makes 1-finger braking possible!

– Super-crisp Domino Dual-pull, Dual-cable throttle assembly

– Rebelmoto fork nuts

– CognitoMoto fork clamp and risers

– MotoGadget bar-end turn-signals

So… I already mentioned that there was no budget to build this bike, so in the interest of transparency, I can say that in the donor bike and parts only, I am in for just under $13k! (Verifiable with receipts) . Below, is a more or less complete parts list :

MotoGadget M-Unit Blue MotoGadget M-Button MotoGadget M-Unit Wiring Kit MotoGadget Motoscope Pro  MotoGadget M-Lock Wireless Key MotoGadget Break-out Box B MotoGadget Motoscope Pro Bracket A MotoGadget Air Temperature Sensor MotoGadget Oil Temperature Sensor M10x1 MotoGadget Tach Signal Sensor For CDI Ignitions MotoGadget m-Blaze Disc Bar End LED Turn Signal MotoGadget m-Grips MotoGadget m-View Spy mirrors MotoGadget Speed Sensor Custom Seat and Post, by The Cycle Shed Motone Brass Gas Cap Magura HC-1 Brake Master Cylinder Renthal Fat Bar Handlebars EBC Brake Rotors Design Engineering Titanium Wrap Short Exhaust Pipes SpeedMotoCo Headlight Brackets Continental TKC80 100/90S19 Front tire Continental TKC80 120/90-18 Rear Tire LED Head lamp Rear Shocks Boxer Metal Choke Pulls Vape CDI ignition system Anti Gravity – 8-cell Lithium Battery Revival Cycles Handlebar Switches Domino Throttle (Dual Pull) Domino Clutch Lever Radiantz LED Tail Light RebelMoto Fork/Center Nuts Cognito Moto Triple Clamp Cognito Moto Risers

Reasonable offers will be entertained


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