The Best TOP 5 Motorcycle Shipping Companies In USA

The Best TOP 5 Motorcycle Shipping Companies In USA

Buying a new motorcycle is a moment of happiness for every motorcyclist. Be it second hand or right from the showroom, it is a pleasure to have one. But the one thing we forget about while buying a motorcycle is the shipping cost. You don’t want shipping that is very expensive and you don’t want cheap shipping that damages your bike. What are you going to do?

We have solved your problem by handpicking the best motorcycle transport services in all of the USA. All the ratings are either tallied with the official Facebook page, Google reviews or carefully taken up from; these are real customer ratings to help you get your best match.

1. A-1 Auto Transport

Rating – 4.9/5
A-1 auto transport is one of the best companies in the auto transport business. Supercar, superbikes they ship it all to and from the major cities of the USA. You can order to ship your bikes, from New York to San Jose, and they will ship it. However, they won’t ship it to a town or a village. So, you will have to drive your vehicle down there or probably ship it again.
They know what they are doing even though your bike will be sharing a cargo truck with a lot of other bikes, but this seems to be a lot safer than other shipping companies doing the same thing. They don’t stack your bikes, they securely latch them.
The website does seem user-friendly and you can ask for a quote very easily. Or you can call this toll free number for SUPER fast quote (833) 226-7391.
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2. uShip

Rating 4.5/5
uShip is a new company when it comes to years of service, but still, it comes first on our list. This is because of the safety measures the company takes. For them, safety is a priority. In some cases, where it is feasible, you can go and check if your bike has been latched properly or not.
There are little to zero issues when it comes to customer care and all the work is done in a matter of days. The company is gaining a reputation at a flaming rate owing to its quality service and low prices. You can ask for a quote on their website in few easy steps. The only problem someone could have with the uShip is the age of the company.
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3. Schumacher Cargo Logistics

Rating – 3.5/5
Schumacher Cargo Logistics has been in the automobile hauling business for decades now. There are no problems with transport, safety or anything that could damage your asset. They are the best when it comes to this.
The company does hold a good reputation in overall services, but it also has a few really unsatisfied customers. The company has a bad reputation when it comes to customer care. The communication is little and when it is there, it is rude.
“Terrible communication, terrible service. Do not go NEAR them. You will be sorely disappointed.” – Says Elizabeth S. an unsatisfied customer from Brooklyn.

4. Haul Bikes

Rating – 3/5
Haul Bikes is another cheap bike transport service and does round trips for $525 in a few states and nearly half the rate for one way. So, you can ship in your new or ship out your old motorcycle at cheap rates.
Haul Bikes does charge a refundable insurance of up to $15,000 but that means your bike is going to be completely safe while it trips in the cargo truck.

5. Seabrook Forwarding and Handling

Rating – 3/5
If you want to ship your bike at cheap rates this could be your match. The company ships your bike through the US but there are no special motorcycle transport trucks, all trucks are cargo trucks.
Your bike will be sharing the truck with a lot of other bikes stacked in multilayer container. This makes the shipping cheaper but the charges will change according to make, years and customizations. The shipping is safe, fast and, on time and has shipping insurance. Besides bikes, they ship everything including boats.


Not all companies are going to be a perfect match for you. Some could sound expensive and some wouldn’t have great reviews. The old ones always work fine but they come at a cost. If you are running short on cash you can vouch for cargo trucks or rather opt for the new ones, but research carefully and don’t risk it.

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