Café Rider Die-hard? Best Café Rider Gloves to Pair with Your Ride

Café Rider Die-hard? Best Café Rider Gloves to Pair with Your Ride

Let us face it, with how most of the motorbike gear is designed; there are higher chances that you will look more like a power ranger than protected. It gets even worse when you’re looking for options that you can use on your carefully designed classic bike. The many colors will not only make you look out of place but some of the pieces tend to be too heavy.

This does not mean that as a lover of café racer bikes you should hop on without any form of protection. Not only would this violate some aspects of the law, it would also put you at very high risk of getting bruised. While getting Items like the helmet might not be much of a problem, getting the right café racer gloves can be quite a headache. To save you from all that trouble and get you on that bike faster, here is a small guide that would point you in the right direction from the get-go.



The Corazzo Cordero gloves have always been fashionable and come at great prices too. Image source:

Even though café racer gloves tend to have the same general idea of simplicity and elegance, they do have varying designs from which you can pick one that you find is more appealing to your taste. From the wide cut and oversize gloves down to the fitting and tightly sewn gloves, the scope of choice is quite wide. Also, you can opt for some of the ones that have cut out knuckles. They have a similar functionality but they look more hip and stylish. It is important to make sure that you never at any point consider design over functionality. While you want to look fashionable, protection is a priority.

However, with the vintage culture, there is always a sense of pride in style; there is no lying about it. How about you get yourself the Corazzo Cordero Scooter gloves? I have never known these to run out of fashion (even amateurs know these but they are classy still). Or you could get even fancier with the Roland Sands gloves. There are different designs for these. You could actually look like a movie start with these. They are a bit costly but really worth it.


A great deal of the café racer gloves features leather as the primary material. But this does not represent the entire picture. Not only do the types of leather that can be used in the making of these gloves differ, they can also be made entirely from other materials some of which include swede. Especially for those that might not react very well to some kinds of materials, it is important to make sure that you pay particular attention to the material of the glove. But, you should make sure that it is hardy enough to not only be able to protect you when you fall but also durable. These gloves are not particularly cheap so you want to make sure that you get the most you can out of them.
Corazzo Cordero and Roland Sands gloves tend to incorporate the best materials and you can certainly trust the quality and safety. But then again you have to see and feel them to make a choice.


Roland Sands gloves are fancy and very stylish. You can get one that goes hand in hand with every other thing on your vintage ride. Image source:

Added features

It is always nice to keep in mind that you have the best possible value for your money. Some of the added features also make the glove more user-friendly and offer more. A great deal of the café ride gloves come with a snap on button. This makes it for the glove to stay on the hand while you ride. However, some might have other additional features like pull chords that serve the same features while others might have zips.
Others will have a buckle and strap mechanism. The best thing about this is that they allow you to make adjustments that you do not have to keep working around every time you want to remove or wear the glove. Additionally, considering that it can get pretty hot inside the glove, some come with a couple of ventilation features which are usually a set of strategically placed holes. You have to weigh your options and see what you would prefer over the other since it is almost impossible to find gloves that have all these added features.


Since you will your gloves to ride, you need to make sure that they offer you more than sufficient amount of grips on the bars. They should not be a nuisance and keep getting in your way. It is important to make sure that you have the best possible chance and enhance your experience by doing a rigorous test before you settle on buying any pair of café rider gloves.


It definitely sounds much easier for you to be able to get your café racer gloves now, doesn’t it? Keep in mind it is important that you go through the entire checklist without leaving anything out. This way you have better chances of getting something that you will not only love but also one that will be able to provide you with the best possible service while giving that edge in terms of style. The market definitely has a lot to offer but you could benefit from familiar and famous products.

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