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How much? No way… Keep the bike sir!

Riders are the most experienced participants in traffic. But why are insurance premiums so steep? There are two main factors. First, a custom bike requires a tailored insurance. Second, accidents do happen, as I will show you below, it happens even to the most seasoned bikers around.

motorcycle-crashNow, let me tell you what happened to Carl Grisham from Bowmore, 54 years old, who got severely injured when an uninsured drunk driver ignored a red light. Carl never had a single parking accident or made any insurance claim in his 32 years on the road.

The good news for Carl is, that while he is recovering from the accident, he will receive full reimbursements for his medical bills, because he got himself the best coverage money can buy.

In the meantime, his beloved machine is being repaired with original parts! Now that is priceless.

Want to know how much cost such splendid coverage?

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Yes, the very best coverage for your new bike does not come cheap. Custom bike insurance never was anything near cheap, but now it becomes affordable if you apply a few little-known tricks.

Announcing a new approach on motorcycle insurance

Insurance companies hire the best statisticians. They know exactly what types of riders have a good driving record, and what makes of motorcycles run more often into accidents. A Sport Bike typically pays a higher premium than a Café Racer. So that is in our advance.

It is impossible to trick the insurance guys into granting you a lower premium, but certain factors can be influenced!

How to ‘trick’ the insurance guys

This is what you can do legally to lower your insurance cost, while keeping all the premium coverage you deserve.

    • – Take a Rider Course
    • – Ask for a multi-cycle discount
    • – Get Multi Policy benefits
    • – Ask for the Harley Owners Group discount
    • – Get a motorcycle association membership
    • – How to obtain the loyalty discount
    • – Switch from provider

Most of the above involve certain element of fun. Like taking a Rider course to reduce your insurance cost. Or getting all the benefits from a riding group while paying less for your bike’s insurance. Consider switching provider and end up with better coverage and service, for the same price, or even less.

Online Motorcycle Insurance

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