How to Carry a Dog on Your Motorcycle – Easy Tips for Safe Travel

How to Carry a Dog on Your Motorcycle – Easy Tips for Safe Travel

A motorcycle can be a great way to explore the world, as long as you’re aware of how best to pack for your ride. One important thing is how you plan on carrying your dog – and what’s the most comfortable, safe method? If that sounds like a question you’ve been struggling with or have no idea how to answer, this article will help!

You must do several things before riding off on your bike with your canine companion and experiencing the thrill of adrenaline. Dogs adore being with their owners at all times, but it is your duty to ensure your dog’s safety on two-wheeled excursions. It’s possible that riding in the front seat will become a game for your dog, and depending on their personality, and it may even be a sport.

Start Slow

Not every dog is suitable for riding a motorbike. When considering whether to bring your dog as a passenger on your motorcycle, two things matter: the dog’s personality and size. Some dogs are unable to handle the strain and worry. For higher speeds, large dogs may be more difficult to safely secure.

The more confident or laid-back your dog is, the better passenger it will be, regardless of its size. Even if you believe your dog’s temperament would make riding the motorcycle enjoyable, you’ll need to ease them into it gradually. It’s not how to keep your dog safe on a moto by tethering him to the bike and hoping for the best.

What Options do You Have?

It’s critical to find a safe location for your dog to sit while you’re riding a motorcycle. The size and sort of vehicle will be determined by whether your pet is big or tiny. If your dog is a tiny puppy, you might try holding him in your arms as you drive, but that’s extremely dangerous not just to yourself but also to the dog.

Luckily, there are several proven methods of carrying your dog on a motorcycle that will ensure the safety and comfort of both you and your canine companion.

Backpacks and Chest Slings

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Backpacks or chest slings can be utilized by smaller dogs, much as parents do with infants. Before attempting to take your pet for a spin on the bike, make sure they are comfortable being carried in the bag. It is important to ensure that the dog can’t jump out of the bag and become an obstacle in your path.

Dog Seat with a Built-in Harness for Pets

If you’re a frequent motorist who wants to bring your dog along for the ride, you may want to consider installing a bespoke dog seat on your bicycle. The unique setting allows a pet of any size to ride as a two-up passenger. The seat comes with a built-in harness, ensuring the dog is safe and secure while you’re whizzing along.

Tail or Tank Carrier 

Smaller breed dogs can easily fit into a carrier attached to the bike’s tail or tank. Some bikers have built a special carrier with windows and ventilation for the pet’s benefit. This method is a great way to keep your dog protected from the wind and road dirt, making them more vulnerable.

motorcycle tail dog carrier

Handlebar Mount

Another option for carrying your dog on a motorcycle with you is by attaching her to handlebars or another part of the frame within reach. This allows you maximum control over how far out your dog is while keeping her close enough to the pet. Be sure that your dog’s harness (or how you attach the leash) will not interfere with your steering or cause an accident.

Aerial Hammock-Style Basket for Dogs

It may be best to install a hammock between two points on the motorcycle frame for long trips. This how-to carry a dog on your motorcycle will give them the most amount of comfort and safety. A custom-built hammock with tie-downs is an excellent choice for how to keep dogs safe while traveling on motorcycles.


It is the ideal scenario. Sidecars are the most costly option, but they do receive a lot of attention from fans. If you have a bigger dog with an active disposition and your budget permits it, it’s worth considering.

It may be how to carry a dog on your motorcycle, but there are many options available.

The Process

Consider it as a parent teaching their youngster how to ride a bike. It takes love and perseverance. You may start by allowing your dog to sit on the motorcycle as the engine is running so they can become used to the noise and vibration. It may take more than one training session for your puppy to get used to riding a bike.

When your dog is calm with the bike’s rumble, you may slowly begin to roll it at a low speed that won’t harm them if they scare and leap off. Praise and snacks should be given for every stride your dog makes in welcoming the motorcycle.

You can also use soothing entrees to help your dog relax at the start of training. On the other hand, the calming edibles should be used during training instead of simply drugging a dog into submission. When travelling in a car, motorcycle, or airplane, the safety of your pet is foremost.

The Law

Dogs can ride legally on motorcycles if they are securely fastened; nevertheless, it’s essential to verify your local motor vehicle regulations to ensure that you comply with any additional restrictions.

Road Trips with Your Puppy: Riding Tips

It is a good idea to pack food and water for your pet while traveling on the motorcycle. You may also want to bring along treats, toys, and other items that will make them happy during their time away from home.

Your dog should be secured by using a harness or leash at all times when riding motorcycles. Just like in cars, your pet mustn’t get thrown off the back of a vehicle.

Pets should also wear protective goggles to shield their eyes from dirt and flying debris when riding motorcycles over long distances or on highways during bad weather conditions.

A Dog Seat with a Built-in Harness for Pets If you are riding on a motorcycle with another rider, it is safer to have your pet ride behind you. This way, the dog does not become distracted by other things around them and is less likely to move about unpredictably or fly off during an accident.

A well-trained canine can be comfortable anywhere they go, even if their destination involves motorcycles!

16 Best Dog Breeds for Bikers

To have a dog that can adequately handle being on motorcycles with you, it is best to look for particularly calm breeds. Additionally, it might be easier if your pooch has strong legs and a strong back, so they will not fall off the bike as easily.

Some of the most popular options include:

These breeds are generally excellent with people and can be calm when needed, making them great options for travel.


Is it legal to carry a dog on a motorcycle in California?

Yes, but it should be properly secured to the motorcycle.

How do I train my dog to ride a motorcycle?

This answer will vary depending on the breed, age and temperament of your pooch. You can start by allowing them to sit on the bike running at low speeds before you give them treats for their good behavior. Be sure that they are properly secured when riding. And remember to use calming dog treats.

How much does a sidecar cost?

It is not cheap; starting at around $500 and can go up.

Is this safe for my dog?

If done correctly, yes. Always make sure your dog is wearing protective goggles too!

What type of harness or leash should I use?

Use a harness that is designed for motorcycle riding. A simple dog leash will not work but may be an option to start with as you teach your pup how it works!

Is my dog going to get motion sickness on the bike?

It can happen, some dogs do, and some don’t. Make sure they are properly secured to the bike in case they get sick.

How much should I feed my dog while traveling?

If you are travelling for more than a couple of hours at a time, bring enough food and water to last your pup their full trip!

Which breeds do well with motorcycles?

Labrador retrievers, Golden retrievers, and Border collies are very popular options that do well with motorcycles.

How far should I plan to travel on a motorcycle?

You can go as long as you want! It is best not to keep your dog in one position for too long, though. Take regular breaks while traveling, so they stay comfortable and safe the whole time.

Is it legal to ride with a dog in Ontario?

Yes, it is legal to ride with your dog in Ontario.

Final Words

The purpose of this blog post is to provide an overview of how you can safely travel with your dog on a motorcycle and some tips for what breeds work best! Many things need to be considered, including the type of harness or leash, where they will ride (behind you or in front), whether it’s daytime or nighttime, if there are other riders along for the journey, as well as any other factors related to safety. This information could help someone who has been considering taking their pup on bike rides but wasn’t sure about how safe it would be. We hope these suggestions have helped equip pet owners with everything they need to travel more enjoyable than stressful – which is always our goal!

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