Motorcycle Face Mask-Should You Wear One?

Motorcycle Face Mask-Should You Wear One?

Motorcycles have always been a popular way for people to get from point A to point B. Of course, traveling in the open air, with all the pollution and dust smashing into your face, can spoil anyone’s motorcycle riding experience. And if you’re a rider and find that this doesn’t bother you that much, then we say you’re taking for granted just how dirty the air in a place like, say, New York.

Not just that, I know from experience that it can be especially excruciating riding a motorcycle during icy conditions. The frigid air blowing at me feels like an ice bath—it’s not fun at all! 

Motorcycle-Face-MaskMotorcycle face masks, balaclavas or bandanas aren’t just good for protecting against wayward grit, pollution, and cold air, mind you. In fact, I use them under my full-coverage helmet even during summer. The reason is that motorcycle face masks are great for when it’s hot, too, and I rely on them to keep the inside of my helmet from getting drenched in all the sweat that will necessarily emanate from my head at some point during the ride. Nobody likes a sweat-drenched helmet, after all, because they are a chore to clean. A motorcycle dust mask can absorb all that stinky sweat, be dropped inside a wash in a jiffy, and be ready for use right after.

A motorcycle face mask solves—or at least, significantly mitigates—these problems. It is primarily why I wear a face mask every time I go somewhere more than a few minutes away in my motorcycle, and it is why I would recommend that avid motorcycle riders practice the same.

In any case, with many motorcycle face masks available in the market today, it might be confusing, which among them can provide the biggest number of benefits for the price. Many aren’t even sure what they should be looking for in a motorcycle face mask, and many think that a piece of cloth that looked cool enough and that gave the requisite amount of head coverage will suffice. 

This can’t be farther from the truth, however. Not all motorcycle face masks perform great as neck warmers, anti-pollution filters, and, well, as cool-looking facial paraphernalia. Indeed, we’ve tried a lot that’s available in the market today, and one brand that stuck out for us was Moto Flavour. They are a company that makes a whole host of motorcycle accessories—including helmets, gloves, and even keychains—and we’ve been fans for a while now, but there simply is something to be said about their face masks ticking all our boxes.

Motorcycle face mask bandanaFirst off, Moto Flavour’s motorcycle face masks are clearly made of high-quality material. In our experience, motorcycle face masks made from high-quality material make some sacrifices in breathability, but this wasn’t the case for Moto Flavour; their face masks were still surprisingly very breathable, I probably wouldn’t mind wearing a Moto Flavour face mask the whole day. 

Another thing that we really appreciate about Moto Flavour motorcycle face masks is that they dry really quickly! I have to admit that I was really impressed by this. It might have something to do—actually, it definitely has something to do—with the highly permeable microfiber that it’s made from. You can splash the mask with water, and it will dry completely in a matter of a few minutes. 

You can check out the selection of motorcycle face masks on their website—the designs are amazing, to say the least. Some of them have this 3D effect and look uncannily real from a distance. They also have motorcycle face masks of all kinds, ones that give full neck and face coverage, and ones that cover just the muzzle area.

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