Motorcycle GPS Trackers: Luxury or Necessity?

Motorcycle GPS Trackers: Luxury or Necessity?

Your beloved motorcycle is not just a mode of transportation that is easier to maneuver than oversized vehicles. For some, it could be a hobby to do. Some enthusiasts collect various models of motorbikes, while some travelers tend to prefer motorcycles for going on an adventure. 

Regardless of the purpose of getting a motorbike, the bottom line is that these are not as cheap as people make them out to be, especially with their growing popularity. Motorcycle thefts are also very prevalent due to their relatively portable build. 

Thus, many fanatics recommend getting a bike GPS tracker to avoid burglary incidents. However, these trackers are not that cheap. This fact leads us to ask the question, “Are bike GPS trackers a luxury or a necessity?”

For us, GPS trackers are not a matter of grandeur but rather another line of defense for your expensive motorbike. Here is why we think bike GPS trackers, such as the Monimoto motorcycle alarm, is more of a necessity rather than a luxury: 

Motorbike GPS trackers can notify you of attempted theft. 

As much as you love your motorcycle, many people could also love them as much as you do, thus, stealing it. To avoid instances that could get your treasured vehicle stolen, you want to invest in security. 

However, people could easily break in your installed chains. Moreover, spending on garages especially built for your bike could put a hole into your wallets. Hence, a GPS tracker, although a bit pricey, is your best bet, as it is reliable and more affordable than other security choices. 

Many newer motorbike GPS trackers have alarm systems linked to your phone. If your tracker detects motion in your motorbike while you are not present, it can quickly send you an alarm call or message. 

Alarm systems can help prevent motorbike theft totally, especially if you are nearby and have time to respond quickly. 

GPS trackers can offer you real-time, 24/7 tracking. 

In the instance when you are too late to respond or see the alarm message and the thief has successfully taken away your bike, you could still track your vehicle’s whereabouts. Motorcycle GPS trackers provide real-time, 24-7 tracking for you to check. This feature could also help authorities to help locate and retrieve your stolen vehicle. 

Furthermore, this real-time tracking feature could also be handy if you have co-motorcycle enthusiast friends who frequently borrow your prized bike. For example, you may specify geographical boundaries, and the best bike GPS tracker will notify you if your vehicle exceeds those boundaries.

GPS trackers could inform you with helpful information to keep your bike in tiptop shape. 

Besides your biker lifestyle, you would have a life outside the rides and the adventures. You will have jobs and events to attend to and have a busy lifestyle. Therefore, you would not have the chance to check your bike’s condition periodically. 

The good news is that your GPS tracker could do the hard work for you. A GPS tracker is more than just a tracking device; a GPS tracker also keeps track of your bike’s details and notifies you when it needs repairs. 

Knowing your bike’s maintenance details is necessary to save unanticipated costs and complications in the long term.

Even despite its relatively high price, for us, installing a GPS tracker on your motorbike is more of a necessity rather than a luxury. Not only does it provide an extra line of defense of security, given its live tracking and alarm system features, but it also provides a system for your vehicle maintenance. 

Hopefully, given the reasons presented above, you agree with us. Choosing to invest in a GPS tracker might just be your best decision yet. It would not only result in a happy and untouched motorcycle. But it would also result in a happier and stress-free motorbike owner. 

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