A Complete Guide for Getting Motorcycle Insurance in Virginia

A Complete Guide for Getting Motorcycle Insurance in Virginia


Let us be honest, motorcycles are one of the best mediums when you are looking to seek thrill or get around town. However, it is essential that you insure your motorcycle just like you would insure your car.

Protecting your insurance and your vehicle should be your number one priority. Many people do not know how to get motorcycle insurance. Thus, we will provide you a few tips that you can follow in this guide. Once you finish reading the guide, applying for motorcycle insurance in Virginia will become infinitely easier for you.

Therefore, you are living in Virginia and you have bought a motorcycle. Well, waste no time in getting insurance for it, as it is necessary. We all know that motorcycles do not come cheap. Any accident or theft would cause you great loss. We also know that insurance is not cheap either. Therefore, you should be ready before you go out to seek motorcycle insurance in Virginia or any other place for that matter.

Requirements for Motorcycle Insurance

Many states tell motorcycle owners to acquire motorcycle liability insurance. Liability insurance is essential. The simple reason behind it is that it covers any damage that you or your vehicle might suffer during an accident.

A few states ask motorcycle owners to keep underinsured/uninsured motorist coverage. This coverage is useful as it covers any injury that you might sustain due to an accident where the perpetrator does not have insurance at all, or lacks sufficient insurance. The state of Virginia also requires motorcycle owners to carry uninsured motorist coverage.

It is important that you check with your agent to find out if your uninsured coverage includes property damage.

Coverage Options for Motorcycle Insurance in Virginia

You will find a number of similarities between motorcycle insurance and auto insurance in Virginia. Most insurers have the following options to offer in addition to the underinsured or uninsured motorist coverage.

1.          Comprehensive

Comprehensive insurance will prove to be extremely helpful in case someone steals or robs your motorcycle. Moreover, comprehensive motorcycle insurance in Virginia also covers vandalism and damages. However, this type of coverage does not cover any damage that your vehicle might have sustained during a collision with another vehicle. Surprisingly, comprehensive insurance also covers damage due to animal collisions.

2.          Collision

Collision coverage covers any damage that your bike sustains. The carrier will deduct the deductible from the payout when you use the insurance.

The amount that you choose for deduction from your paycheck while buying your policy is the deductible.

3.          Personal Injury Protection

Personal injury protection is another form of motorcycle insurance in Virginia. This form of insurance covers the medical bills for any injury that you or a pedestrian might sustain during a collision. It does not matter if the pedestrian or the driver is at fault. A few states have banned this type of insurance because of high motorcycle accident rates.

4.          Medical Payments

Medical payment insurance covers any injury that passengers or drivers face during an accident. However, there are a few differences between medical payment insurance and personal injury protection. This type of insurance does not cover your lost wages. You should also know that this type of insurance is not available in all states; however, it is available in Virginia.

It is obvious that there are numerous risks associated with driving cars and riding motorcycles no matter how many safety measures, you take. Medical motorcycle insurance in Virginia can prove to be helpful if you do not have sufficient health insurance.

Motorcycle insurance companies in Virginia also offer some add-on options along with their insurance. Deductibles usually apply for these insurance add-ons.

1.        Roadside Assistance

This insurance add-on will help tow your bike and offer labor in case your bike breaks down.

2.        Transport Trailer Coverage

Motorcycle insurance companies in Virginia offer trailers for transporting your bike, in case it suffers any damage.

3.        Coverage for Accessories, Equipment, and Custom Parts

A few states offer insurance for custom motorcycle parts as well. The state of Virginia does have custom parts insurance. This type of insurance covers damage to your equipment and accessories.

Virginia Motorcycle Insurance Discounts

Here are a few ways to get motorcycle insurance at a discount:

  • You can get a discount by maintaining a good driving record.
  • Being a part of a motorcycle riders organization is a great way of getting discounted insurance
  • If you are an old time rider or above the age of 55, you can ask for a mature riders discount
  • Take part in a motorcycle rider-training course to become eligible for discounted insurance.
  • You can easily get motorcycle insurance at a discount in Virginia if you insure more than one motorcycle with an insurance company.

Stolen or Destroyed Bike Insurance in Virginia

It is important to understand the way motorcycle insurance pays out if your motor bike is stolen or destroyed.

Following are the three types of settlements you can receive

1.          Stated Amount

In this policy, you will get the exact amount of coverage that you had selected while choosing the policy.

2.          Actual Cash Value

The carrier will subtract your deductible and depreciation from your bike’s original value when you use the policy.

3.          Agreed Value

The insurance company pays out the amount they agree upon with you under the policy. You will receive a fixed amount, without any reduction of deductibles from your claims check.

Owners of classic and custom bikes (like cafe racers) usually receive the stated amount coverage or agreed value coverage.


Motorcycle insurance in Virginia is almost similar to the insurance available in many other places with a few tweaks here and there. It would be wise for you to spend some time and study how motorcycle insurance works before you go ahead and buy it.

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