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At caferacerforsale.com, we’re proud to recommend Dairyland insurance to custom motorcycle riders who need customizable coverage and exceptional service and support.

With Dairyland, you can tailor your coverage to meet your specific needs, whether you’re a high-risk or nonstandard driver.

Choose Dairyland for the coverage and support you need to ride with confidence.

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Protect Your Ride: Custom Motorcycle Insurance

Coverage for high-risk and nonstandard riders

Dairyland specializes in providing insurance for those who might have trouble finding coverage elsewhere

Specialized Coverage for Custom Motorcycles and Modifications

Traditional insurance policies may not adequately cover custom bikes and aftermarket parts

Optional Replacement Cost Coverage for Newer Bikes

Replacement cost coverage can help you replace your bike with a brand new one of similar make and model

Exceptional Service and Support from Experienced Riders

Dairyland has been insuring riders since 1966, so they know what it takes to keep you safe and on the road

Custom motorcycle riders trust Dairyland for their insurance needs - see why

As a custom motorcycle rider, you understand the unique needs of your bike and your riding style. That’s why it’s important to choose motorcycle insurance that fits those needs.

With Dairyland’s customizable coverage and focus on high-risk and nonstandard riders, you can ride with confidence knowing that you and your bike are protected.

Plus, with specialized coverage for custom motorcycles and modifications, you’ll have the peace of mind that comes with knowing your unique ride is covered.

And in the unfortunate event of a covered claim, Dairyland’s exceptional service and support from experienced riders means you’ll be back on the road in no time.

Get a quote today and see why custom motorcycle riders trust Dairyland for their insurance needs.

Trusted By Riders

As a custom motorcycle rider, you need an insurance provider you can trust. That’s why we at caferacerforsale.com recommend Dairyland Insurance. But don’t just take our word for it – hear what other custom motorcycle riders are saying about their experience with Dairyland.

Below, you’ll find testimonials from riders who have chosen Dairyland for their motorcycle insurance needs. See for yourself why they trust Dairyland to protect them and their unique rides.

Bike rolled of kickstand
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I had an accident where my motorcycle rolled off the kickstand. It damaged multiple items on that side along with denting my fuel tank and scraping up my bikini fairing. All items were covered in full without hassle. In addition to this, the estimate missed two items. A quick call to the adjuster resulted in an immediate adjustment to the claim. Top-notch coverage and service A+. Would recommend it to anybody that rides !
Dairyland is Saving Me $300 a Year - I'm Glad I Switched
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I was a Dairyland motorcycle insurance customer for years - until my Dairyland agent mysteriously went out of business. I switched to another provider but was not at all pleased with their exorbitant premiums. However, I recently found that I could enroll directly with Dairyland via their website and am super-excited to see that I am saving $300 a year by using Dairyland.
Andrew Hammond
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Super reasonable motorcycle rates. Full coverage on my sport bike ended up being just over 30$ a month, and I’m 23 years old. Shoutout DairyLand
Harry Malone
Unbelievable Cost Savings
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I was able to cut my motorcycle insurance to a 1/3 of what I was paying with a company I have been with for 18 years. It was hard for me to believe the cost savings. I would like to see more of a self service website so that changes could be made online instead of calling in. Other than that I have absolutely no complaints so far. Hopefully I will never have to file a claim on the insurance.
Robert Winegar
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Motorcycle dealer recommended Dairyland after showing her quote from my current insurance company and Dairyland was far cheaper so I went with Dairyland. Sign up was easy and I can change my policy anytime. I bought the cheapest plan to start with and since I really love this bike I am considering upgrading. It's really that simple.
Earl Randy Collins
Dairyland best motorcycle rates!!!
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Dairyland by far has the best rates for motorcycle insurance with very low deductibles compared to other insurance companies you would be paying 5 times for more for the rate at Dairyland. Needless to say I am paying 1/5 what my insurance company went up to I calling and talking to Dairyland I would absolutely recommence Dairyland to any other rider for motorcycle insurance.
Great premiums and coverage
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I had a quote from my auto insurance company, which was insanely high! I asked my motorcycle sales person for a referral and wow what a great quote. 90% less. Highly rated company. Glad I'm insured with Dairyland.
Corey Cull
Nobody gets excited talking about insurance
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Nobody is thrilled when it comes to finding insurance, but I called these guys after my Indian dealer referred me to them because Progressive quoted me $1200/year on my motorcycle. They literally cut the premium in half for the same coverage. Thanks to the super friendly and helpful staff, I was able to ride my bike off the lot with an insurance card in hand.