Consider These Elements This Winter for Better Experience with Your Café Racer

 Consider These Elements This Winter for Better Experience with Your Café Racer

As the winter has approached, you must be worried about paying attention to your very beloved café racer. You must not neglect the importance of setting up your café racer in the winter before it is too late. It takes only a couple of hours to take care of your beloved bike keeping only some very important things in mind related to the winter season. This way you can save hundreds or even thousands of dollars that would be required to fix the issue that may occur if you don’t pay attention before time. Keeping your café racer in the garage during the whole winter without taking any important measures can ruin your bike within a few weeks if not taken good care of. Such behavior can ruin your café racer and it can be a disaster for you, as you will have to spend thousands of dollars to pay for repairing it.

Drain the Fuel

If you’re planning to keep your bike idle in the winter and not going to use it for a couple of weeks then the best thing is to drain the fuel. It is best to empty the gas tank and the carburetor to save your café racer from any serious problem later. Also, detach all the attached gear with your bike such as your café racer saddlebags if you’re planning not to use it for few weeks. However, if you ride a bike in this cold temperature as well then adding fuel stabilizers is a good option to have a better experience with your café racer.

Change the Oil

In winter, you must consider changing the oil of your café racer. As we all know, the oil goes through different phases like heating, thinning, combustion, etc. and therefore it requires changing especially in winters. Drain it all and then refill it with fresh oil of your favorite brand that best suits your café racer. This tip can enhance the performance of your café racer in the winter as well, as the winter is hard for bikes.

Take Care of Your Gear

Along with your café racer, it is also required to take good care of your motorcycle gear as well. Being a rider, you must already know the importance of gear and getting it repaired or buying a new one is a hell of a task which also includes lots of money. So why not to take care of it as well. Most importantly, your motorcycle jackets must be taken good care of as most of them are made from leather fabric. You should use a desalter to prevent cracking your leather jackets when they’re not in use. Also, wash with shampoo and dry them properly and put them in a safe place. The motorcycle gear is expensive and of course,you never want to put lots of money into buying it again and again. So, it’s always better to take care of it as you do for your bike with little more effort and save the hassle of buying it again when the spring comes.

Use Trickle Chargers

A few weeks of keeping the bike sit idle will completely drain the battery. So, what is the solution? Do you want to replace your battery after every winter? Well, here is a good solution to this problem. You must use trickle chargers that are low-imp charger that keeps on charging the battery even when the café racer is not being used. These chargers do not require much effort to turn it on and off after some hours as they are of very less voltage. Therefore, it extends the battery life and you will be surprised that when the spring will come, you can start it without any issue.

Clean It Up

The bike must be cleaned with soap and scrub it before putting it in a safe place for winter. Usually, the bikes are exposed to sunlight, debris of the road, bugs, etc. which make your bike look like a mess. So, if you put your bike aside for a few weeks in this condition, your bike will be like a piece of old ruins. So, clean it up well and dry it completely and after that cover it and put it in a garage or any other safe place during the winter. Once the winter is gone and you take your bike out for a spring ride, it will be in a very good condition.

Your café racer is precious and it needs good care if you want to keep it in good condition. However, the amplitude of taking care of it during winter becomes much larger than it ever is. However, following these amazing tips can save your café racer from any serious issue during its stay in the garage during the winter. I wish that when you take it out, you will be surprised to find it in the same good condition as you kept it there. Remember, a little effort can save thousands of dollars.

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