Getting It Right with Your Café Racer Jacket

Getting It Right with Your Café Racer Jacket

Over the years, Café racer has grown to be among the more trusted names in the world of biking. Not only is getting their gear a fashion statement, but it can turn out to be one of those moves that could save your life. Needless to mention, it is also against the law to ride a motorcycle without the proper apparel. The only problem usually is, getting the right apparel given the vast variety that is currently available. Luckily you have already narrowed your search down to a café racer leather jacket so what else would you have to consider?

Choose your style

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Richa Daytona leather jacket will be an awesome attire to bring along with you vintage ride. Photo source:

As much as you want to get the best and most safe café racer jacket, it does not mean that you should look like a lunatic in it. In the current times, biking jackets are made to not only provide safety, they are also meant to be a fashion statement. With the café racer, you do not get all those unnecessary jackets, neither do you have to deal with unnecessary materials. The café racer style jacket is streamlined and has only the essentials. This allows it to retain its functionality and if you have some muscles that you would not like to go unnoticed, it would definitely help you with that.

Well, style doesn’t just end there, you need to identify how the motorcycle world defines the style. You definitely want to look cool in your jacket as well as make sure it makes you look as meticulous on your bike as possible. Some famous jackets include Richa jackets; which are nice and tend to be affordable. Or you could opt for the fancier yet expensive Barbour International and Belstaff jackets. Either way, you like it these will do the trick.

Select your skin

This does not mean your skin tone but rather the skin of the jacket that you would like. It is usually presumed that most of the jackets are made from cowhide which is true but there are other varieties that are possible. Selecting the right café racer leather jackets is very critical. This is usually because this dictates how the jacket feels when you wear it, its ability to protect and even how long lasting and durable the jacket is going to be.

For the purpose of protection, you might want to opt for a café racer jacket that is made from cowhide which is also known as steer hide. It is more rigid and offers more protection and has the ability to handle impact pretty well. Other varieties that are ideal for a café racer leather motorcycle jacket include Ox and buffalo hide.

If you’re looking for something tenderer, then a calf hide would do. It is still quite durable and offers plenty of comforts. However, this does not handle impact and pressure very well which means that your skin would suffer more damage. Calf café racer leather jackets are ideal if you’re just looking for the design and not necessarily the functionality of being able to protect you in case you fall.

Other varieties that you could consider when buying your leather jacket include goat and sheepskin. The two are equally durable and are much lighter. Their prime selling point, however, is their waterproof ability. But to get the best out of them, they need to be more meticulously tanned.


This awesome-looking leather jacket is a Barbour International riding jacket that is simply magnificent and offers so much more than you could ever imagine. Photo source:

While choosing the skin, you also need to consider when you would like a jacket that comes from the certain part of the hide or one that comes from the entire hide. For instance, a full grain café racer jacket would mean that the jacket uses the entire hide which would include the outer layer in its original state. However, this tends to be quite costly and only the best leather is used in this case. Other options with regards to grain that you can use include the top grain and the corrected grain.

Find a good fit

There would not point in your spending all that time to find a quality café racer jacket and then end up with something that does not fit. It is more like fitting 21” inch chromes to your grandmother’s ride. Considering the money that you will be spending, it is vital to make sure that you choose a great size that also brings out the best in you. Some of the features that you want to concentrate on when choosing the size include the armholes, the wrist, the waist perhaps even go for a straight cut that better brings out your body shape.

Analyze the finish

Lastly, you will want to look at the finish on your preferred café racer moto jacket. There are plenty of designs that have quite different finishes and you want to make sure that the one you settle on will look great on your and bring out your best features. If you’re going to use it for riding, you want to make sure there are no sharp buckles that can pose a risk in case you fall and also you need to keep in mind, even though you can easily replace buckles and buttons when they wear out, it is not cheap. So, if you can do without them even better.


While you have to look into a lot of things when buying a café racer style jacket, looking at these four will not only save you time but will also ensure that you have some great results without compromising on quality. After all, it is about how you look and the last thing you want is to leave your image in tartars.

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