Things To Consider Before You Buy A Harley Speaker

Things To Consider Before You Buy A Harley Speaker

Have you been going back and forth trying to choose the best speaker for your Harley bike? The good thing is you are not alone in this search. I know there are times you plan a long trip, the first thing that comes to mind is finding the right companion to port you beyond the traffic hums and engine sounds. Actual music from your playlist or a favourite radio program goes a long way to make your trip memorable.

However, motorbike speakers need more boom and clarity than car speakers to be able to suppress the noise around you since there is no barrier between you and the outside world. And here’s where the search begins. How do you find a perfect speaker for your Harley that gives crisp and clear sounds and is proofed against the elements it will be subjected to on a ride?

Now, any car speaker would have been good, except that unlike cars, bikes are more exposed to different road and weather elements and without any protective shield standing as a barrier, the speakers are more prone to damage. These and several other factors were considered and new speakers were designed.

The specific features of these motorcycle speakers are:


As earlier said, due to constant exposure to weather, especially rain, sunshine and of course gushes of wind, bike speakers have protective designs against these elements for durability.


The price you are getting the speaker should actually get your attention above some other things. Price varies in the market and that can be seen as a results of different products from different sources. So, you need to run ona budget and ensure you don’t go bankruptcy because you want to satisfy yourself.

If all you can afford now is the cheap one, you can easily go for it and if your financial capacity meets with the expensive ones, then you can consider any of the top ones in the market.


You can’t have water touch your speakers repeatedly and expect it to function properly, which is why bike speakers are specifically designed to be highly resistant to water.


The durability of the speaker is one of the things that you ought to carefully consider. When buying a product, one of the things you look into is how long it will take you to use the products. You don’t want to get a product you will have to replace anytime soon. So, this is where durability is very important.

The durability of a product rest solely on lots of things such as the quality of the materials used in production, the design and mostly the user management.


Overloading or overusing a thing might sometimes lead to its damage. Sometimes, the blame is not on the handler but as a result of less information on how to use the product. Proper maintenance is very important to keeping your speaker for a very long period of time.

If you want to use a speaker for a very long time, you need to give attention can care to how you handle the speaker. Fortunately, most do come with information on how you can go on with maintaining it. You just have to follow the rules to enjoy the best of the speaker.


Car audio amps are great in cars, but that’s just what it is. And because your bike isn’t insulated against the rushing breeze or traffic sounds, bike-specific amps and speakers are designed to sound above the surrounding noise. Moreover, a motorcycle amp or speaker is built within the limits its system can carry so as to avoid system or circuit overload thus damaging the connections.


Bike (especially Harley) speakers are expected to have an average power level and performance. And between the PMPO and RMS figures often outlined on product packages, the RMS output is more important as it determines the clarity of your sound output and the volume at certain speed levels. Although most manufacturers prefer to print the PMPO values in bold, try to ensure you locate the RMS figure before purchase.

Now that you know the features a Harley speaker should have, here are a few of the best speakers for Harley bikes.

Rockford Fosgate TMS6SG Power Harley Street glide speaker

A perfect choice if you are looking for an upgrade to your bike speaker. It gives clear audio even on the highway and fits rightly with the bike’s original fittings. Sounds clear at 75RMS and comes at a fair price; plus, it is water and weatherproof.

 Hogtunes 352F-AA replacement front speaker

Gives more bass or boom sound and works at 100W RMS to give a sharp clear sound at an average speed. It sounds great above external noises (although it doesn’t totally cancel noise) but you get to enjoy your sound better. Easy to install. Weather and water-resistant.

J & M Rokker XXR

It is the largest of most Harley speakers, very loud and installation is very easy. Functions perfectly at 165W RMS, pretty big right? That’s why it is able to reproduce your sounds in crystal clarity even when you travel at 80mph. the downside may be its price because these extras come at a huge price, but the JM Rokker is worth the extra bucks. Very water-resistant and strong enough to function at extreme temperatures.

Harley Davidson FLHT-FLHTC Polk factory speaker

Very ideal as a factory replacement kit. Sounds clear at 100W RMS. It is both water and weather resistant, budget-friendly and easy to install on your bike.

Boss Audio System MC440B Bluetooth motorcycle speaker

If your bike doesn’t have a built-in speaker, here is an adaptable version that helps you add sound to your bike with its amplifier. though the sound may not be as crisp as you would like it to be at a high speed, it is fair enough at lower speeds. Comes at a very good price and durable.

Now you can cruise your Harley in bliss with any preferred speaker of your choice and you’d never feel like a lone rider anymore.

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