Top 7 Cafe Racer Motorcycle Insurance Companies in USA

Top 7 Cafe Racer Motorcycle Insurance Companies in USA


You cannot drive without an insurance. You never know what might happen on road. You might be riding just fine, you are driving in your lane and following all rules, but the street is full of people who don’t deserve a driver’s license.

A motorcycle insurance is very important. But out of a gazillion insurance companies choosing the best insurance policy isn’t going to be easy. So, we have filtered out the best insurance companies in the US for you. These have proved out to be best in terms of insurances, services, and financial strength.
Note: All the ratings are based on purchase ease, customer service and, sales but the companies are sorted according to the overall ratings, starting from the highest.

1.State Farm

Experience 4/5
Holding most of the market share in this sector, the State Farm, is the largest insurance company in the US. The company has amazing services when it comes to motorcycle insurance services.
State Farm has about 18,000 employees and offers 100 plus services. Though most of the motorcycle owners get their insurance from State Farm, State Farm policies are not disclosed on the internet. Still, the overall customer satisfaction is good.
Unless you get a third-party access or meet an agent you are not going to know all their policies. The company’s agents, of course, will not disclose more advantageous policies that competitions offer. Owing to its big size, the company obviously has an excellent financial stability.


Experience 4/5
The Allstate price could sound to be a little on the higher end. At first, it might make you repellent to investing in Allstate. Allstate, however, has a lot of discounts that sound easy to claim. For example, you can save up to 22% if you drive around without violations and accidents for a certain period.
Allstate customers seem satisfied with the performance of the company. The most report claiming up to 30% discounts on the premiums.

3.Liberty Mutual

Experience 5/5
Unlike Allstate, Liberty Mutual does not have a menu for discounts but it does have a menu of added services. You can get a lot of benefits like lifetime repair guarantee if you spend 5 years without violation and accidents. Accident forgiveness and 24-hour roadside service are other few extras offered by Liberty Manual.
Liberty Manual’s customers have had great experiences with the firm. The overall financial strength of the company is great too, that means your money will be going in safe hands and insurance claims are going to be timely and easy.


Experience 5/5
If you are serving or have served in the US military, there is nowhere else you want to go. The USAA is meant to be the best match for the nation servers owing to its high number of facilities for this section of the society. There are certain criteria, set by the USAA that you need to clear before getting an insurance if you aren’t serving or haven’t served in the military.
The overall customer satisfaction of the USAA is great and no one has ever regretted enrolling with them.


Experience 3/5
Nationwide stands fifth on our list owing to the number and types of services it provides. Nationwide does motorcycle insurance and provides excellent services. There are a lot of features added in the Nationwide that make it stand out.
The company reduces the percentage of your deductible with each year your drive safely, eventually making your deductible vanish. Besides motorcycle insurance, nationwide provides all other types of insurances with equally great deals and add-ons.
Nationwide has average customer satisfaction accompanied with excellent financial strength.


Experience 2/5
Unlike most firms, Geico allows you the freedom to manage your account yourself. If you prefer an online management of your account instead of in-person, Geico can do it for you. The official website of Geico has well-designed features increasing the ease of access.
It has simple questions that you need to answer on the web itself, to get your insurance policy. Pay online, get the receipt online and that’s it, there’s no need to go to their offices. Another feature Geico has is additional coverages which you select for yourself. These features include emergency roadside assistance which makes your long rides safer than they already were. Geico is rated decently for its financial strength.


Experience 2/5
Progressive could be your match if you already have a preset budget to get your insurance. Progressive runs with a “name your price” tool, that lets the customer select their policy budget. The company then shows the users the best match for them in the same range.
Of course, there is a lower and upper threshold in this and there are a certain reduction or add-ons as you decrease or increase your budget. Another feature that sets Progressive apart is that they show their and their competition’s price on the same page under online quote tool.
The company is flooded with numerous discounts, however, the customer satisfaction even after all these features is not much. The company is financially stable and could afford all your insurance claims.


The overall rating of State Farm is the highest, but such service comes at a cost. The Allstate and Liberty Manual even after their few compromises on a few add-ons, have turned out to be the best fit for a big majority.
Geico could be an ideal fit for you too if you want an insurance at really cheap prices. It has great deals and covers everything, the customer service is, however, not a delight. Considering you hold your account online, you’ll never face this as an online platform of Geico is amazing.
There could be multiple matches for everyone and not every company is going to be an ideal fit for you. Even though everyone found a match in one amongst these, doesn’t necessarily mean they will match your needs. We highly recommend going through the terms and conditions thoroughly before deciding.

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