1978 Honda CB750 Café Racer




Date : June 5, 2022
Year : 1978
Model : CB750
Location : Billings, Montana, United States

Aguyina Garage Cycles Presents:

“The Blue Demon”

The short Story: The first version of this bike was called the “Ton Up”! She was built over a couple of years and completed back in 2013. I rode it around town for 2 summers and put approx. 450-500 miles on it before there was a minor engine oops involving the union of a broken head stud with the nut still attached and a timing chain while running down the highway at 70 mph !!!! (To be clear, there was NO CRASH!) This little issue caused me great consternation and hatred towards the bike, so it sat in the corner of the garage for a few years being flipped off and cussed out every time I walked into the shop! I eventually got to a happier place and decided she was worth my time and effort again. Because life happens, a slow, multi-year rebuild process started consisting of an engine re-re-build, some repainting, some customizing, lots of little things, and some TLC and, “the Blue Demon” was born! I’ve ridden it a hand full of times since but because of life, shifting interests, and other priorities…. It’s time to send her to a new owner! She doesn’t deserve to be cooped up in the garage as much as she has been.
The Bike: is a 1978 CB750, fully restored from the frame up, and café’d out. This isn’t your average garage build with some clubman bars and a café seat pan slapped on an otherwise stock bike…This has been done right over many years.
If there was any question about a part on this bike, it was replaced with new. If it’s still original, it was re-furbished and made to look new. Lots of new parts from many recognizable shops and suppliers. Most of the original nuts and bolts were re-plated using the Copy Cad Zinc plating system from Caswell plating and lots of hand polished aluminum parts. Lots of custom work to include a custom made oil tank with oil level sight glass, and an under seat electronics pan.
The “Not as good as I’d like it” stuff: There really isn’t anything major… but I won’t lie, the riding profile of this bike is a bit aggressive. You’ll want to have some good core strength for the lean and reach! This bike is a fun around campus or around town ride, but she’s not a long distance cruiser! It however would be an easy fix to bring the footrests back to their normal spots and “de-aggressive” the ride. The neutral LED stopped working at some point, but if you need that to ride, you probably shouldn’t be riding! (it’s a brand new neutral switch, so I’m sure its in the wiring somewhere)
The “I’m happy with it” stuff: I’m not going to try to list every single part and piece on this bike. The pictures and video should speak for themselves, but here is an overview of things in no particular order:Rebuilt motor w/ new pistons, APE HD Cylinder studsNew head work, valves and springs, etc.Web camRebuilt carbs (I forget jet sizing)Stainless steel engine screwsPowder coated frame, triple tree, and rims.“Gordon Frame kit” (allows you to pull head without having to remove whole motor from frame)Stainless steel spokesAvon tiresCross-drilled front rotorProgressive Suspension Fork SpringsLED Speedo lightsLED brake lightsCustom dash w/LED indicators Custom metallic Blue w/ metallic black stipe paint jobCustom wire harness with all new plugs and connectorsCustom frame/metal workCustom Oil tank and electronics panShorai batteryShorai battery charger/reconditionerRick’s Regulator/rectifierTarozzi front fork brace and rear setsAll-balls bearingsDyna S electronic ignition and coilsS/S braided brake lineDCC brushed stainless steel muffler
The Legal stuff: This is a 43 year old bike!!!! It’s not 100% perfect and it has a gremlin or two. It’s not a show queen (but close) and is meant to be ridden. There are some minor paint flaws (dust particles in the clear coat, a small chip oir two, that sorta thing) and, depending on your geographic location and/or altitude, the carbs might need some black magic fine tuning.Regarding quality and safety: I have OCD and I put a lot of blood, sweat and beers into this build to make it as safe and “good to go” as one guy could, but having said that, as with any used vehicle, esp. custom ones. I make no promises or guarantees. I am located in Billings, MT. and obviously shipping or pick-up will be on you. I had good luck with Uship.com when I originally bought the bike back in 2010(?). I will help in any way I can.
Extras: It can/will come with a couple of bins of spare parts and extras things from the build if you want. Also, a folder of receipts and documents, a custom color “laminated” wiring diagram to correspond with the custom wiring and a zip drive full of all my pictures and PDF’s related to the build.
GOOD LUCK!!! Feel free to ask any questions and bid with confidence!
$1000 Deposit due w/in 24hrs, full payment due within 3 days.