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Honda Cafe Racers

1978 Honda CB750 CB 750 CB750k Cafe Racer Custom motorcycle

  • 1978 Honda CB750 CB 750 CB750k Cafe Racer Custom motorcycle
  • 1978 Honda CB750 CB 750 CB750k Cafe Racer Custom motorcycle
  • 1978 Honda CB750 CB 750 CB750k Cafe Racer Custom motorcycle
  • 1978 Honda CB750 CB 750 CB750k Cafe Racer Custom motorcycle
Price : USD0 (Auction)
Date : August 7, 2018
Condition : Used
Year : 1978
Model : CB
Bike Type : Café Racer
Mileage : 20000
Engine Size : 750
VIN : 2824283
Shipping to : Local pick-up only
Location : New Milford, Connecticut, United States

Here is a youtube video to share some details.  There is a whole bunch of detail I probably forgot to mention. But the gist of it is that this motorcycle needs absolutely nothing.  Hit me up with questions and I’ll try to answer them the best I can. 

Things I forgot to mention in the video that come to mind:I did not tear the engine open when I got this bike. I only fully rebuilt and re-jetted the carbs to be tuned correctly for the open headers.  There are zero signs of any engine or transmission problems even after 2000 miles, so I feel confident the engine is very good internally at this point.  It consumes no noticeable amount of oil.I need to dig out the old speedometer to find the original mileage. My fuzzy recollection is between 20-30k miles.I am 5’10” / 160lb and this is a comfortable sized bike for me.  The rear Hagon shocks can be adjusted if you’re heavier than me.This isn’t a high-polish motorcycle.  The engine patina was left intact.  When making the rest of the modifications, I kept the look and feel of that patina in mind for consistency.  (I’m basically saying don’t expect high polish/perfect paint.)There is a dent in the fuel tank just forward of the left Honda badge.  I tipped it in a driveway in front of my friends and some cute girls.  It was really embarrassing.  Go ahead and laugh.One of the oil cooler lines sprung a leak recently and sprayed the headers with oil, so at the moment they smoke a little bit when really hot.  It will burn off before too long though.  This is just a minor FYI since I just thought of it.  The lines have been replaced already.If you need to have the bike shipped, it’s up to you to set that up.If you want to come see it in person before purchasing, I am definitely open to that.If you want to test ride it before purchasing, it’s definitely not going to happen.  But I’m happy to test ride it for you.  You can follow along side in another vehicle while I put it through its paces.I rebuilt the front forks.I rebuilt the front brake caliper and master cylinder.  New pads also.Tires have only 2000 miles on themFuel tank had a full POR15 liner job done on it.Carbs were fully rebuilt, tuned, and synchronized.New coils (the old ones were missing when I bought the bike)Electronic ignition.Electronic charging systemThe speedometer glass isn’t cracked or anything. It’s just so bright that it affects vision at night. You can probably find a nicer remedy than the aluminum tape, but it works.I still have the original seat with the old oil servicing stickers from yesteryear.  I think I also have the original tach and speedo in a box if you want any of it.I’ll continue adding to this list when I think of more things.  My goal is to disclose absolutely everything that I would wish to know about a bike if I were a buyer.  I actually intended to ride this bike forever – so cheaping-out on stuff wasn’t what I was going for.  But as it turns out, I just don’t find myself riding much anymore so you can reap the benefits of my former obsession with this thing.  Good luck!

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