2020 Carbon Black Thruxton TFC 1200cc




Date : October 13, 2021
Condition : Used
Location : Mount Prospect, Illinois, United States

It’ll be hard to keep your eyes off this beauty of a bike.  The carbon black metallic paint job layered onto of carbon fiber parts is just stunning. The gold painted pinstripes are just the icing on the cake.  My goal for the bike was to make it a little more modern but still keep the cafe racer look!

But this treasure is much more than just what meets the eye. This modern cafe racer is a special, limited edition bike, yet it has traditional feel. Watching this brand new bike being removed from the crate (that traveled across the world), I knew it would be special as I bought it and called it mine. And for the past 2+ years, it hasn’t disappointed.

What’s been done –

Custom ROTOBOX Bullet D wheels installed by Chicago’s own FederalMoto!  These are custom wheels for the bike!  I had gold wheel numbering to match the gold throughout the bike!  Also optioned with ceramic wheel bearings instead of the steel ones.  These wheels make a huge difference in acceleration, braking and handling.  Forged carbon spokes looks insane! It’s a blast and saves a ton of rotating mass.  Pretty sure this is the only TFC with these wheels on.  No rubbing issues at all!  FederalMoto created a custom offset rear sprocket, I had them put as custom touch with there logo in the spacer, look at the pictures!  Installed TransLogic Quickshifter at my local Triumph dealership and it’s a blast to use!  You will smile every time!  They also installed a BC X-Pipe.  It gives it a good growl now, not to loud and free up some HP too!  Everything can be reversed and turned back to stock if you desire.

This gem makes for pretty amazing rides. You won’t be disappointed with the upgraded suspension and enhanced performance. It truly starts and runs flawlessly.  I’ve taken care of this bike as if it were one of my human children. It’s time for a new owner to enjoy this bike and put more miles and smiles on it!

Whats included

CTEK charger

Front and rear Pitbull stands

TFC indoor cover

TFC backpack

Stock wheels with tires

Other TFC stuff

Photos are attached to give you a glimpse of the this special bike’s life journey- from the purchase to today’s condition. The next photo is YOU riding on this one of a kind motorcycle.

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