Cheap Motorcycle Insurance – It Is Cheap for the Knowledgeable

Cheap Motorcycle Insurance – It Is Cheap for the Knowledgeable


What’s the cheapest motorcycle insurance? That’s quite a straightforward question with an answer that cannot be that straightforward. Many factors can increase or decrease your motorcycle insurance rates. The good news is that many of these factors are controllable.

Sometimes, you have to pay the price for your fondness for certain motorcycle types. Fortunately, people’s increasing interest in motorcycles has pushed insurance carriers to launch a wide range of policies. You can find a policy that specifically covers the type of motorcycle you own. Since your budget motorcycle insurance relies heavily on the type of bike you own, let’s take a look at few of them.

Types of Motorcycles and Their Insurance Rates

Custom Motorcycles

When looking for cheap motorcycle rates, custom bikes can give you a hard time. A custom bike can be any bike that the owner decides to modify by adding various aftermarket parks. How much you spend on the customization has no limit. What you must know is that the more you spend on customization the more you will have to spend on insurance coverage as well. You can get coverage for your custom bike in the “agreed value” format.

You propose a value for your motorcycle, your insurer agrees on that value, and pays you that exact value if you lose your motorcycle in an accident. However, you will still have to come to agreement on a deductible in this type of insurance. Companies that cover custom bikes can have special plans too. For example, Progressive is covering customizations of up to $3,000 for free. However, you will have to buy collision and comprehensive coverage from them. In that sense, that’s the cheapest full coverage motorcycle insurance for custom bike riders.

Touring Bikes

Looking at the insurance policies for touring bikes will give you another idea of what affects insurance rates. Touring motorcycles are safe rides and the companies design them for your comfort. Performance is not an emphasis for touring bike owners. You would expect their insurance rates to be lower based on that information alone. However, that’s not the case. They don’t have the most inexpensive motorcycle insurance rates because they are quite expensive per se.

Some good touring motorcycles can be easily more expensive than $20,000. Of course, any damage to an expensive motorcycle will result in costly repairs as well. For that reason, insurances quotes for touring motorcycles can be in the middle of cheap and expensive.


That’s as American as you can get. These are true American machines. Your seating position keeps your back straight and requires you to extend your legs forward. Of course, cruisers are among the favorites of Americans.

There is an advantage of owning a cruiser. According to a recent research by Progressive, cruisers are among the safer bikes when you look at their theft and crash data. Therefore, if you have a cruiser motorcycle, that’s one thing you can use to your advantage. Cruisers fall in the low cost motorcycle insurance category because of their safety. Additionally, these bikes are more popular among older people than they are in youngsters. As a result, their insurance rates can be quite low.

Vintage Motorcycles

Look for cheap online motorcycle insurance and you might never find vintage motorcycles in the list. That’s because they are among some of the costliest types of bikes to insure. When your motorcycle is at least 25 years old, the insurance carriers will classify it as a vintage or antique bike. While all the big insurance companies do carry insurance policies for vintage bikes, you might have to look for the best options elsewhere.

The cheapest motorcycle insurance company in this case is one that specializes in insuring only the classic and vintage bikes. When you approach companies that specialize in insurance policies for vintage bikes, you can get quite a few features designed just for you. Some of them include free agreed value, salvage retention, etc.

Sport Bikes

The name tells the story. If you are into sport bikes, you are an adventurous person. The insurance carrier expects that you travel at high speeds and even take part in various racing events. That makes you more prone to accidents and property damages. For that reason alone you will see that your insurance rates are pretty high compared to those of other motorcycles.

You might realize after some research that there are quite a few companies that specialize in sport bike insurance policies. They can give you many of the benefits that other major insurance carriers don’t. For example, some of them will include foreign use of the vehicle in your insurance policy. What this means is that you will be able to ride your motorcycle abroad without paying an additional cost.

Most of the major companies will recommend you to obtain more coverage over your standard collision and comprehensive. The additional coverage for sport bikes includes medical payments, bodily injuries to you, physical damage to your motorcycle, etc. Some big companies like Progressive offer you total loss coverage for your sport bike too. In the end, it is clear that sport bike insurance is not the most affordable one.

Concluding Thoughts

As the title says, you have to be knowledgeable to know how you can get the best cheap motorcycle insurance for your bike. If you love vintage bikes, there is not much you can do to reduce your insurance rates.

However, you can keep your driving record clean, present credentials of any special riding training, etc. to reduce your insurance rates. Moreover, Allstate, Nationwide, Progressive, etc. are not your only options. Look for insurance companies that specialize in one particular type of motorcycle insurance.  A thorough research of your options will always pay off in the shape of affordable insurance rates.

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