Market Your Dealership with Custom License Plate Frames

Market Your Dealership with Custom License Plate Frames

Whether customers buy a used vehicle or a brand-new entrant into the market, it comes with license plate frames fitted at the dealership. If you are a motorcycle or auto dealer, you can utilize this excellent opportunity to market your business.

As the vehicle owner zooms around town, it is your dealership’s information that people see. Here’s how you can ensure brand awareness when you include personalized license plate frames or custom motorcycle license plate frames from MBR Marketing, Inc. with every sale.

Improve Brand Recognition with Custom License Plate Frames

For auto repair shops or motorcycle dealerships, one of the most effective ways to attract customers is to make their brand name stand out. Presenting your current clientele with unique giveaways is a surefire way to make it happen.

When participants in a study received a promotional item, 52% conducted business with the company in question, while 48% showed interest. So, you can expand your brand awareness in new circles by entering prospective customers’ line of sight/thought.

Stay on Your Customers’ Minds Long After the Sale

Stylish, durable and high-quality license plates and frames can help improve your customer relationships. Your motorcycle license plate frames can act as timely reminders for a service you provide.

You can also remain on the customers’ minds for a longer period. Since they see your information whenever they use the motorcycle or car to go on a ride, they are more likely to seek out your services in the future too.

Save a Significant Amount of Money with Custom-Made Gifts

Statistics indicate that promotional items remain with customers for as long as a year. So, there is free publicity in gifting customers with license plate frames in striking designs.

Over 80% of the people who participated in the study were in favour of purchasing from a brand that creates a good impression. With repeated exposure, you can get almost 79% of onlookers to search for your brand. This will also mean you can cut down on other marketing costs.

Elevate the Value of Your Business

Not all promotional accessories or freebies can create a lasting impression on people’s minds. You need a quality product to get other motorists on the road to notice the dealership logo on the license plate frame.

Personalizing motorcycle license plate frames is an easy task when you work with experts. You will have a variety of materials, designs, and colours to choose from. The best part is that you can order in bulk to maximize the returns on your investment. There is a higher likelihood of your customers retaining the frames for a longer period of time if they are customized and made of premium quality materials.

How to Choose the Best Designs for Custom License Plate Frames

Motorcyclists like their license plate frame to add some jazz to their vehicle and reflect their personality. Yet, the designs should not be overwhelming or cluttered. Consider the following before you select custom license plate frames for your dealership:

License Plate Frame Materials: Metal, chrome, die-cast, and plastic-coated license plate frames are in vogue these days. You can also get screen printed frames or 3-D raised molded motorcycles license frames to achieve a sophisticated look.

Finishes: Most frames come in a matte finish to give them a subdued appearance, and to make your contact info or logo pop. You can also get it customized in a variety of shapes and colours.

Artwork: You will need to feature your business details on the frame. Use a high-resolution image of your logo and other relevant text like your company name and contact number. Be specific about capitalizations, font preferences, size, and layout to get the desired outcome. You can also use the services of an expert to highlight your brand’s best features or get inspiration from the available designs.

Production time: Depending on your order volume and complexity of the artwork, it may take up to a month for production after approval. It will help if you also consider the time in transit. If it is a repeat order of a previously imprinted product at the same firm, you can speed up this process considerably.

Legality: There are different regulations for license plate frames across the U.S. Most states include essential information along the edges of the license plate. So, it will be a legal violation if the frame you select covers these characters. Furthermore, using a tinted protective cover on license plate frames is allowed only in a few states. Ensure that you check the local laws before selecting the frames.

Choosing a frame to suit your tastes involves a lot of research and effort. Ordering personalized license plate frames or custom motorcycle license plate frames from reputed suppliers can be a more affordable and time-saving option.

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