How to Buy the Best Café Racer Motorcycle Boots

How to Buy the Best Café Racer Motorcycle Boots

So, you’re taking the plunge and getting a motorcycle. You’ve had your eye on it for some time now, and it’s all you can think about. The adrenaline rush of the wind in your face, the smell of petrol and engine oil. There’s just something so captivating about motorcycles that draws people in like no other vehicle.

But how do you know what gear to get? What’ll keep you safe? It may seem easy to pick up a helmet or jacket when you’re at the store, but what about goggles? And what does this have to do with cafe racer boots?

The most important thing is to ensure that your feet are protected while riding. Motorcycle boots offer great protection from debris as well as shocks and vibrations while you’re riding your motorcycle. This means that they are just as important as the helmet or even the jacket.

This article will introduce the reader to motorcycle boots and why they are important. The reader should know that this article will provide information about what types of boot is best for riding a motorcycle, what they can do to protect your feet, and how to choose between two different types of boots.



Stylmartin Cruise boots are good boots that will last you through any kind of weather as well as keep you looking awesome on your ride. Photo source:

First in your checklist should be the height of the boot. Of course, for any boot to be able to offer any amount of protection that would be deemed decent, it has to go slightly above the ankles. However, there are also the high top boots that are also available. However, these tend to be slightly uncomfortable and are stiffer compared to those that just go slightly past the ankle. However, the height does make a great deal of difference in terms of protection. This is why you have to make sure that you have the best possible height. It would be safer to compromise on the comfort and indulge high top boots but if you’re not an avid rider, then the lower cut ones might do just as well.

One of the most common injuries in motorcycle accidents happens to be damage to the ankle. This is especially when the ankle does not have ample support from the boot. It gets worse because the bone around the area has a tendency to jut out of the skin and hence can get scrapped even in a low side crash. This is why the proper height of boots is very critical.

For the short cut boots that go just above your ankle, the market offers Stylmartin trainer boots. Stylmartin happens to be everything in terms of café racing boots at the moment. Otherwise, some people will prefer TCX boots for their availability as well as affordability. Just ensure you get the ones that will offer maximum protection as well as keep your vintage look as cool as possible.


Because café racer boots have become more of a fashion statement as they have been for protection, the material of the boots varies depending on what one would prefer.  Ideally, most of the café racer motorcycle boots are made from very thick hide that allows them to be more resistant to abrasion. However, there are those that are also made from textile which are not only just as resilient but are also more breathable. While buying your boots, it would also be a great idea to check for added features like double layers of leather, plastic sliders and even added textile.


TCX boots are all time fashion icons and are preferred by many riders who know how to bring style out with their rides. Photo source:

You also need to consider the weather when buying your café racer boots. If you ride in places that have lots of water, you need to make sure that the leather is treated which helps to not only keep the water out but also increase your comfort.


Ideally, how your boots close or open is more of a personal choice. This can vary from Velcro to laces the choice is largely yours. The most preferred option is laces usually because they are much easier to work with and also because of the fitting feel they offer. However, you could also consider café racer boots that use buckles and Velcro to fasten. They offer a more secure closure than laces and also increase the chances of the boot staying on in case of a crash.


When it comes to the construction, there are two things that you should concentrate on. The first is the stitching on the boots. If they are double or even triple stitched, it ensures longer life and also you have to ensure the sole is glued and sewn to the shoe. This allows it to survive crashes better and last longer.


This will definitely depend on your riding nature and the kind of bike that you are using. If you’re a stunt person, you might want one that has a steel plate under it.  The sole should also be able to give you the right amount of grip. Here you have to choose between soft rubber sole or the harder stiffer options.

Lastly, you want to consider if the boot actually fits. It is very vital that the boot fits perfectly. If you have some extra bucks to spend, you can also have a look at the added armor that the boot has to offer. The armor, however, is usually applicable when you’re using speed bikes and then make sure that you buy a boot that is actually meant for your bike. So, in this instance, if you are the proud owner of a café racer, then the café racer boots would be a perfect fit. They could also feet other bikes that have similar functions.

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