Reasons to Ride a Motorcycle

Reasons to Ride a Motorcycle

Why do we ride motorcycles? For most people, owning and riding a motorcycle is not necessary but rather something we do for fun, the thrill of it, and a sense of individuality. There is a whole set of good reasons to ride a motorcycle, but in the end, we do it because we can, and we want to.

Riding for the Thrill

Riding a motorcycle is exciting. It breathes life into you. Nothing is really like taking your bike out for a trip on the open road. If you crave authentic experiences in a world that seems regimented and constricted, taking your bike out into the real world on a sunny day breathes life into your soul and rejuvenates your spirit.

Riding with Other Bikers

Bikers are another breed, and if you are a biker, you love to ride and hang out with others who share the same spirit of adventure. Bikers often acknowledge each other with a gesture as simple as a finger wave as they pass on a city street or the open road. But, we feel part of a large family with the same sense of adventure and puts us apart from other motorists.

Bikers Use Less Gas and Save Money

Although this is rarely the only reason a person rides a motorcycle, it is a good one. Bikes cost less to get from point A to point B and generally require less overall to operate. Bikes cost less to buy and use half or less the fuel that cars use for comparable trips. Insurance premiums should not keep you from riding unless you have problems in your driving history. Because bikers are generally safe drivers, this is usually not a problem. As gas prices soar, getting sixty to seventy miles per gallon for a bike or more than a hundred miles per gallon for a scooter is phenomenal.

Motorcycles Are Easier to Park

Folks who live and work in large, congested cities often find that parking their vehicle is the worst part of their day. Add to this the pain of navigating big city traffic in a full-sized auto. When you ride a motorcycle, you can get by with a smaller parking space and usually find a spot to park when car owners are still circling the city blocks searching for a spot. When you take your motorcycle to work every day, you can laugh at the folks who have to wrestle their SUBs into impossible parking spots and then still walk a mile to two to get to work.

Motorcycles Feed Your Sense of Individuality

The modern world tends to rob us of our identity, our uniqueness. Riding a motorcycle helps give us back that sense of individuality that today’s keeps trying to take from us. Even when bikers ride in groups, there is a sense of freedom and individualism that feeds the soul. If you are trapped in a job, and a world that takes away who you are, getting on a bike and hitting the open road is a wonderful cure!

Motorcycles Are Good for You and Good for Nature

If you worry about all of the fossil fuels that we burn today, you can help that by burning less. Riding a motorcycle saves you money on gas and puts less carbon dioxide back into the air. Ride a motorcycle, and Mother Nature will thank you.

Commuting Is Easier with a Motorcycle

If you spend lots of time and energy every day commuting to and from work, consider riding a motorcycle. Motorcycles typically are allowed in the fast lines during heavy commuting hours, and more often than not, you can pass through traffic jams by passing between vehicles.

Riding a Motorcycle Makes You Feel Good and Look Good Too

It is a fact of life that when you take your bike out on the open road, you regain a sense of self that society takes away. You feel good. That sense of individuality and fun spills over into how you present yourself and how you look. In short, bikers feel good and look cool! When you park your bike in front of a restaurant, people check it out and check you out. It doesn’t happen with the average car!

Motorcycles Mean Adventure

When there are places you want to go to and things that you want to see, there is no better way to go than on your motorcycle. Whether you are crossing the open prairie, navigating mountain passes, or following a slowly winding river, you are out in the open area and one with nature. There is no better way to seek and find adventure than on a motorcycle, with the possible exception of a classy late model sports car. My favorite bike is probably a new model, Harley, but my favorite sports car will always be one of the British sports cars like the 1963 MG RGB Roadster Mk 1.

Drive a Vehicle That You Love to Drive

A good motorcycle is like one of these fantastic old British sports cars. It is not only efficient, classy-looking, and an excellent long term investment but also fun to drive. We spend so much time “behind the wheel” day in and day out. Why not make your daily trip an adventure and not a boring chore? Do this by finding a vehicle that you love to drive and not one that you have to endure. This means looking for a motorcycle that you can use to commute to work and ride in your free time. Find a bike that you can take on the weekend adventures of a summer trip across the country. Experience the sense of individuality that comes with riding a motorcycle and refresh your spirit and soul riding your bike out on the open road and touch with nature. Refresh your soul. Ride a motorcycle.

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