Type : Sell
Date : May 23, 2022
Condition : Very Good
Location : 312 princess Anne street

!!!!SOLD!!!! PLEASE REACH OUT TO US IF YOU WOULD LIKE TO SCHEDULE A CUSTOM BUILD .  This is a highly modified xs750 that is truly worthy of the “cafe racer” namesake.  It has many high end modification including a 2006 Yamaha R1 front end complete with custom stem and bearings, a monoshock conversion and gas chamber shock, and custom upholstered fiberglass tail piece.  The frame was cut and a hoop added that includes an inlaid led tail light with integrated turn signals.  The headlight bucket and guard were added and filled with a bright low/high beam LED light.  The controls, cables, levers and throttle are all aftermarket as well as the high end clip on handlebars, complete with leather wrapped grips.  Mini LED turn signals were added on the headlight mounts up front.  The wiring harness is also highly custom, along with an AGM battery tucked under the seat.  The low beam/high beam and start button are hidden under the front of the seat.  The whole frame was primed and painted.  The exhaust is also a hand built gp style stainless system mated to modified headers.  The engine was gone through and repainted, the carbs rebuilt, brand new cone air filters added and the carbs were thoroughly tuned and balanced.  The engine had its valves checked, timing chain adjusted, clutch replaced and a new reg/rec fitted.  The original builder’s welds are not the most beautiful but we checked their strength and straightness and they are outstanding.  It was very recently repainted a beautiful merlot cherry red.  The tires are also new Michelin Sport Pilots (tubeless). Since the photos were taken the frame has been smoothed out and touched up in the couple of ugly spots you can see.  The engine cover also got repainted and the gasket replaced because it was leaking a little.  This thing is loud and fast and looks amazing! Any additional customizations can be added, just shoot us a message.   

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